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Paint-by-the-Numbers Silhouette Target

Target practice, anatomy lesson and work of art all rolled into one.
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The life-size human silhouette target, printed on sturdy art board, is anatomically correct with vital organs and anatomic structures outlined and numbered. The numbers correspond to both the score of the hit and to the hue to be applied from the accompanying palette.

For example hits to the brain and spinal cord of the neck have a value of 30, and 30 is the shade Cerebral Gray. 29 Blood Red is applied to the heart or major blood vessel areas that in turn give a slightly lower hit score. After shooting and painting, frame and hang your colorful bad guy to embellish your den, holes and all.

Budding hunters will thrill at plugging and coloring the exposed insides of hare, turkey and squirrel targets.

FarmerJohn, Dec 02 2004


       I'm glad you left badgers and penguins out.
skinflaps, Dec 02 2004

       perhaps the coloured paint is detonated from under the surface by a hit.   

       liver yellow.
po, Dec 02 2004

       You simply fill in the outlined areas with the enclosed acrylic paint and fine sable brush before or after target practice.
FarmerJohn, Dec 02 2004

       Scoots off to purchase several different little pots of airfix paint and a large rubber band.
skinflaps, Dec 02 2004

       I still think that the paint exploding from beneath the paper or canvas would be better.
po, Dec 02 2004

       Somebody's been playing that Bowman game.....   

       Timing tests, where you have two seconds to fire, or you're considered hit, would be useful here. If you hit in time, the bright red is released. If you hit late, the target stays neutral or turns green.
normzone, Dec 02 2004

       Hmmm. Timing, timing, timing. I have an idea.
bristolz, Dec 02 2004

       <pedantry> Silhouette has a specific meaning. Once your figure has visible lines or is coloured with more than one colour, it's no longer a silhouette. <pedantry>
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 03 2004

       I know, but law enforcement targets with human outlines and scoring areas like this one are called 'silhouette targets'.   

       And as for you techie bastards that must always complicate the simple pleasures of life..... :^)
FarmerJohn, Dec 03 2004

       oooooh! full moon is it?
po, Dec 03 2004

       GREAT paintball skill-honing tool. Very nice, [FJ]!
Letsbuildafort, Dec 03 2004


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