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Murmurs of Humanity at the Cardiac Jukebox

Famous Heartbeats jukebox
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The idea is simple: invite a number of world leaders and other notables to record a one minute segment of their resting heart beat, together with the rhythmic sound of them breathing in and out.

The jukebox itself would feature a convincing set of heart and lungs sitting in a bell jar, that would pulsate, inflate and deflate in sync with each heart beat and breathing cycle.

Make sure that there is broad spectrum of humanity represented: from the great and the good to the destitute and the dastardly; from presidents to terrorists; the saintly and the psychopath.

Let all be carefully recorded and lodged on the Cardiac Jukebox. Pop in a coin and watch as the jukebox makes a random selection for you, displays their photograph togther with a brief resumé of their life to date.

Sit back as your ears are filled with the subtle beating of a famous heart, and the sound of breathing, just as you would hear it if your ear was pressed against their chest.

xenzag, Oct 21 2006

"Can You Hear My Heart Beat Now?... Good!" http://hardware.sla...id=03/08/16/1234205
Or, maybe you could make it a dial-up subscription service, somewhat similar to the heart monitoring system used remotely by doctors as described in this article. It would be your "personal" jukebox, and the other bar patrons would not be unnecessarily distracted from their banter and libations by your selections. After all, just because it has a beat doesn't mean you can dance to it. [jurist, Oct 22 2006, last modified Oct 23 2006]


       It's not really about medical matters.
xenzag, Oct 21 2006

       ...in San Francisco.   


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