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Painting Easel With Contact Mic And Sound Effects System

Modified sounds of your brushstrokes emanate from the canvas as you paint.
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Inspired by xenzag's idea. You could control these sounds or have them randomly change to inspire your brush stroke style. Done like this:

1- Contact mic takes any noise made from your paintbrush and...

2- amplifies it putting it through the following audio effects:

a) Echo. This could be appropriate for etherial, spooky or dreamy brush strokes.

b) Distortion. This would be appropriate for angry or fast brush strokes.

c) Phase shift. This would be appropriate for brush strokes that need to sound like they're going through a phase shifter for some reason.

d) Noise gate triggered by various inputs, like people walking by saying "What's all that weird sound coming from your painting?" You'd only hear the brush noises when they were talking.

e) Detuning. Brush sound dropped two octaves to basically sound like an earth quake, or raised two octaves to sound like what a flea painting might sound like.

and of course, f) Any combination of those sounds.

Speakers would be behind the canvas so it it sounds like that's where their coming from. Feedback would be controlled by a limiting system for any audio engineer nerds out there.

Would also be interesting to just have the brush be the contact mic and actually expand on the feedback system having the canvas vibrate, its movement painting itself under the relatively static brush.

doctorremulac3, Jun 23 2024

Inspired by xenzag's idea. The_20Splendid_20So...ss_20Painting_20Kit
[doctorremulac3, Jun 23 2024]

This too. https://www.youtube...sktop&v=vafVy_0P6OI
Go ahead and put a mic on the pallet as well. [doctorremulac3, Jun 23 2024]

Contact mic on palette knife https://youtube.com/watch?v=OZPe92ChUWYp
Capture by a contact mic as an audio input, then process to modular system for trigger sounds of resonator module. [a1, Jun 23 2024]


       You could play a joke on people using this and say "Hey, wannt try some of these psychedelic pills while you paint?" Then give them a cup of tea with sugar cubes that are nothing but sugar.   

       Also: All sugar cubes should say "100 percent LSD free!"   

       "That is to say it's free of LSD, not containing free LSD"
doctorremulac3, Jun 23 2024

       Can you make a version that also releases paint smells?
pashute, Jun 26 2024

       Well, the paint would do that. You mean increase the paint spell? Not sure why you’d want to do that.   

       Maybe smell generators that match the paint color. Like green would be lime, red strawberry, brown... let's skip brown.
doctorremulac3, Jun 26 2024

       Well, the scratch-and-sniff poo emoji exists so...   


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