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Palace Depot

Palace furnishings for the discriminating dictator....
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On sale this weekend only....24K gold toilet brushes....

Ask about our in-palace mural painters and wood-carvers.

El Pedanto, Apr 17 2003


       how are you doing El? is that good grammar?   

       BTW - are you special in being allowed 4 little dots?
po, Apr 17 2003

       "reel," "one to many," tsk, tsk, blissmiss, I think I will have to take you outside and whip you.
El Pedanto, Apr 17 2003

       And now: Take the torture out of your palace, let Palace Depot do it for you....(Special today on blissmiss whippings. See El Pedanto, depot despot.)
pluterday, Apr 17 2003


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