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Parallel Pictures

A Old Fashioned Movie Going Event
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A movie studio (Parallel Pictures) creates a distribution network of beautiful old restored movie palaces. They hire a "stable" of talent as in the days of the studio system. These people would be the "best & the brightest" (the most beautiful, the funniest, the most unique, the smartest --keeping in mind some of these would be mutually exclusive).

Then ... it's showtime! (And herein lies THE IDEA)

One movie. One concept. 2 budgets 2 writing teams. 2 directors. 2 casts. 2 of everything else.

An example: Sweet November (2001) with Keanu Reeves Charlize Theron

I have not seen this movie. So, this is a perfect example. Keep in mind as you read that I do like both of the stars and the premise as well. It is a remake of an old movie (extra points) but without a odd choice of leading lady (Sandy Dennis). PS. No idea who the main guy was.

So anyway...

The studio head, producer, whoever comes up with the concept. Our example - Sweet November, of course. The plot in a sentence to quote from the tagline for the movie at www.imdb.com "She Just Needed A Month To Change His Life Forever" .

The Plot in Slightly Longer More Specific Detail (Spoiler Alert) -- She's dying. She has a "Boyfriend" of the Month Club (a my last days do- gooding project to teach one guy a month a wonderful lesson and also to give herself a nice way to be remembered as the one that (tragically) got away.

As you can see an interesting romantic comedy plot with some potential AND a good pairing in the lead roles (Reeves and Theron). But let's pretend for a moment there are some of you out there who do not like either/both Mr. Reeves (hard to imagine but I KNOW these people do exist -- lots of them actually!) or Ms. Theron.

So let's pick 2 more leads for a alternate (actually PARALLEL) cast. Ashley Judd and Ben Affleck, for example.

Now for both casts -- add some cool supporting actors of your choosing to round out this idea in your minds. A real mix of funny, smart, all ages, shapes, sizes, colors, personalities, styles, etc, etc. Add some extra subplots. Interesting, non-standard ones. There is time. All movies should be almost 2 hours (give or take - 5 minutes!). Weave them together but leave a few (artful/honest) loose ends. Stir in some inspiration and voila ... if you're lucky ... movie magic!

Sample costars for the subplots ... DeNiro and Deneuve as an older couple who meet through the leads (I always wanted to see these two in a movie together) &/OR Schwartzenegger (gorgeous even at his age and quite funny) and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (also gorgeous and funny) as the Theron(and Judd) character's married neighbors &/OR ... (fill in the blank with your own ideas from the Old Hollywood template of quality)

Let's say in the Reeves/Theron version we go with DeNiro and Deneuve and in the Judd/Affleck version with Schwartzenegger and Louis-Dreyfus. As you can see the sub-plots aren't necessarily (the can be - with different supporting casts though - but don't have to be) the same. Remember, they each have their own writing teams.

As you can also see the 1st version will probably turn out more heartwarming and ultimately either melancholy or with an unexpected twist of surprising uplift. The 2nd version should probably be trying for "soft humor with a life lesson"

Oh, and don't forget to mix into both versions a nice combo of blasts from the extreme past and soon to be sensations Stars of the past, present and future from 2 to 102.

Include liberal doses of logic and whimsy, everyday and unique situations, arty juxtapostions of people, places, things, and concepts (including current cutting edge technology or a current trend that isn't too obnoxious to "carbon-date" it -- a good thing), costumes, costumes and more costumes, sets that are designed to be lovingly lingered over that allow you, the moviegoer, to luxuriate in the atmosphere/mood and that advance the plot wordlessly. .

You can build into these movies interactivity and or high & low tech "gimmicks" that could be valuable for sheer entertainment value or actual educational purposes

Like a modern day version of smell-o-vision perhaps called scent-o-rama (if that wasn't the name of the other original 50's version of the idea -- if it was then how about mood magic or scentsations).

Like some of the better William Castle ideas (percepto from The Tingler for old style atmospheric &/or kitschy "horror" movies, emergo from House on Haunted Hill that could be used to even better effect, illusion-o! from 13 Ghosts [special glasses - beyond 3D - that REVEAL extra things].

Like customer reviews that win contests (with good prizes whether large or small) for best review (like a school book report/publishing company poetry/fiction contest) for use in future publicity when re-issuing the better/most popular movies in 10 or 20 years.

You give your different casts a long shooting schedule so they can potentially form lifelong friendships and have amusing adventures that can be the basis of many wonderful new old hollywood memoirs/bios in the years to come.

This long shooting schedule would also allow for the filming of concurrent sequels/prequels and ANOTHER INVENTION OF MINE (MINE, MINE, MINE I SAY!) -- THE "THOSE WERE THE DAYS" SCENES for when 20, 30, 40, and even 50 years from now there can be a reunion film with "flashback" scenes that integrate with the current footage because it was semi-planned for (like improv -- only good).

Two or three possible "future-use" scenes would be done for each potential plot point where it might be useful and to keep the extra footage needed to a workable minimum each scene filmed would be written so that it could be used in several ways so that the future-plot doesn't have to (but can) be planned initially to leave even more room for originality.

You have the stars and supporting cast go on publicity tours that include the rolling opening of films in select cities.

You have opening and closing night events. You have contests. People "dress" to go to these movies, even if it isn't the opening or closing night. They just dress up more to go to the bookend galas.

You sell a range of TASTEFUL, ELEGANT (expensive) and TASTEFUL, FUN (inexpensive) merchandise in all price ranges in an "accessories concession". The public shows restraint in their purchasing (no hyper-consumer my hobby is shopping kind of thing) and the management doesn't market to encourage over-buying. It's low key, consumer driven and tasteful.

The movie includes a generous but not excessive 15 minute intermission to meet and mingle (& tinkle without fear of missing anything & no fear of drinking what you want either).

Speaking of drinking ... they have a liquor license so they can serve fun, colorful, elaborate umbrella drinks and tres soigne martinis, cosmopolitans and other liquid refreshments that you may want to try (if only once) and to try in that setting. There is a 2 drink MAXIMUM. Drunks are usually only funny in the movies.

You strike up conversations in the popcorn line with interesting fellow patrons. Then you can start in-person movie discussion groups in coffee shops. Everything from low-cost gems to SecondCup-type upscale places (again so people from all backgrounds can do this without trying to live up/down to another economic groups standard of living).

Speaking of conversations, as I did in the last paragraph, they are vibrant, thought provoking, and perhaps even controversial (religion, sex, politics are not only acceptable but encouraged since avoiding them is cowardly and dishonest) but respectful.

On the topic of respectful, foul language is grounds for eviction and possible long term banishment. A SMALL AMOUNT (very small) of "emphatic vocal expression" will be tolerated at the discretion of the other patrons and management if it has an inherent and necessary reason for being. The F* word never does in this happy little cocoon of bliss. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. Clever, witty double entendres do!

You save your ticket stubs and scrapbook around them. Pictures of the beautiful night that mirrored a mood evoked in a wonderful scene of that night (or any other nights) movie that remind you that life CAN have those "unrealistic" movie moments.

The after-movie late dinner with family/friends you saw the movie with or met up with after. The person you met for the 1st or one of the 1st times of note that you "know" will become a part of your life (take a picture with the camera you should always have with you 24 hrs a day/7 days a week for your aforementioned scrapbook).

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY... at the end of most, if not all, of your movie going night-outs you have taken something valuable away from the movie itself (maybe an actual life lesson noted, or alternately, an observation, perhaps "merely" an artistic inspiration [jumping off point]).


then I await the virtual hugs and kisses, kudos and congratulations for the ultimate entertainment experience idea.

P.S. Because it fit best here (so as not to impede the flow) I will note for anyone who hasn't figured it out yet even with the grand and glorious flow of "macro-concept".

The whole point of the parallelism, the whole 2 babies from 1 parent idea is to 1) provide a hook or concept that can anchor the whole bring-back-old-movies-in-their-rightful- setting 2) encourage a sense of worthy competition in the filmmakers and cast/crew so we can have thoughtful entertainment (even/esp the light stuff) that educates by making us THINK ... and then ACT on it with courage and kindness 3) give the movie-going public a reason to get dressed up, talk nicely AND intelligently, have a sense of (ZEN) mindfulness/gratitude IN THE MOMENT AND BEYOND about their ability to spend time/money on entertainment when a large part of the world is wondering where their next small bowl of rice and little cup of (probably dirty) water is coming from or if they are going to get their head or hands blown off.

THE (VERY) END of the idea ... but hopefully ...

THE (VERY) BEGINNING of the discussion that gets this idea baked but good!

thecat, May 07 2003

Freaked http://us.imdb.com/Title?0109838
wherein KR stars as Ortiz the Dog Boy (alongside Mr T appearing as "The Bearded Lady"). [my face your]

A "Boys Don't Cry"/"Brandon Teena" Synopsis http://www.brightli...27/boysdontcry.html [my face your, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

A "Boys Don't Cry"/"Brandon Teena" Synopsis http://www.brightli...27/boysdontcry.html
[jurist, Oct 05 2004]

Simultaneous parallel film releases http://www.halfbake...l_20film_20releases
Holy shit but I don't have enough time to read the whole idea. I think it's some thing like mine though. [phoenix, Oct 05 2004]

Brobdingnagian http://dictionary.r...ch?q=brobdingnagian
[my face your, Oct 05 2004]

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       You had me right up until you said "Keanu Reeves."   


       JUST KIDDING!   

       A situation similar to this happened last year. Surely you have not already forgotten the incredibly spectacular movie "Biker Boyz"? Two studios with the same concept and different casts went at it for a full year and the one that come out first was SOOOOOO bad, they scrapped the other one.
ato_de, May 07 2003

       Ever seen Keanu Reeves thrown out of a bar?
I have, and the whole bar-crowd applauded.
thumbwax, May 07 2003

       To the first person (ato_de) to respond to this wonderful IIDSSM idea (and boy whiz bango quick too - it was there immediately after I posted the amendment (immediately after 1st posting) about interactivity and cool W.C gimmicks).   

       I submit I have had this idea FOR YEARS. That is why it is SO-O-O detailed. That is why that Biker Boyz "thing" DOES NOT count.   

       Further, if one of the two versions wasn't released it REALLY doesn't count. Finally (regarding originality and QUALITY anyway) if the one version of this was so stinky, then it WELL AND TRULY d-o-e-s n-o-t c-o-u-n-t!   

       Keanu Reeves is wonderful. Never forget this :)   

       He is gorgeous. He is "stalwart" (not wooden - stalwart). And he CAN act. Also, as at least two movies show (one being this one) he has chemistry with CT who is also true movie star quality - gorgeous and with a unique personal charisma.   

       Oh, and since you said yourself you were just kidding about the Keanu Reeves Fishbone where is my -1st!- non-self given Croissant. Surely this idea deserves it.
thecat, May 07 2003

       Why was he thrown out?
thecat, May 07 2003

       Deep Impact -vs- Armageddon
Dante's Peak -vs- Volcano
my face your, May 07 2003

       my_face_your: Huh!   

       The movies you mention aren't the movies I typically see (I did see Armegeddon though and btw coincidentally Ben Affleck was in it).   

       Could you please explain your This1 is to That1 as This2 is to That2 comment about Deep Impact vs Armegeddon and Dante's Peak vs Volcano.   

       Advance thanks for providing clarity ... the cat
thecat, May 07 2003

       Keanu Reeves has been in two, (count them) two watchable movies. 1) Bill & Ted, 2) The Matrix.   

       I think the comparison of the two volcano disaster movies and the two asteroid disaster movies is a baked example of the horrible crap available for our pleasure at the local (ci)(e)nema. I don't have enough time to go see one POS movie, much less two.   

       I was kidding about the fishbone for mentioning Reeves, I have not decided on whether this idea has merit as stated.
ato_de, May 07 2003

       [thecat], I was merely pointing out that Hollywood already make films with identical concepts simultaneously, though not in the manner suggested by your idea. Apologies for lack of clarity on my part.   

       I haven't seen any of the four films I mentioned. Wait, I think I've seen a couple of minutes of Volcano - I seem to remember Tommy Lee Jones looking grizzled and sweaty but that might just have been a nightmare.   

       [ato_de], there are two Bill & Ted films, both very good. See link for KR's finest film.
my face your, May 07 2003

       I'm guessing by the choices of best KR movie all my post'ers on this idea are guys (woo hoo). But really what about this movie (Sweet November) or better yet A Walk In The Clouds.   

       Also, why is this merely about the (admittedly gorgeous KR). Remember Sweet November was just an example.   

       People, please, what about the fabulous idea. It's entertainment, it's education. It's so very, very much more   

       It's responsible business practices, it's reconnecting with community, it's family, friends and meeting interesting new people, it's social action and consciousness raising. It's revolutionary.   

       Someone, anyone help me change the world one fabulous movie event at a time.
thecat, May 07 2003

       Caveat - The general rule with ideas appears to be that the shorter it is, the larger the number of "reads" it will get. I admit that I haven't read the idea as closely as I should have but on what reading I have given it, I offer this   

       1. As I've already mentioned, films with near identical plots are quite often churned out by studios, particularly in the low-brow summer schedules.
2. I don't think that the old studio system is likely to come back into vogue/use - the 'stars' of today will not want their Brobdingnagian salaries curbed by a restrictive contract to one house.
3. All the old movie theatres round my way are bars, ballrooms and bingo halls now. Studios won't want the expense of buying them back and re-fitting them.
4. The public is now used to the extreme-comfort stylings of the better multiplexes and the attendant technological whizzbangery - they won't want to come to what will be seen as pokey wee holes.
5.That aside, I like your notion of cinema-going as a community experience.

       Perhaps I would like this better if the simultaneous film-making was asymmetrical - who wants to see two hoary old blockbusters lurching about the cinema? I'd rather go and see the blockbuster once I'd seen the lo-fi independent cinema version.   

       In conclusion: fishcake.
my face your, May 07 2003

       [my_face_your] Apparently I have spent to much time setting mood. And best possible scenario. I need to clarify the idea I guess. But I truly believe this idea is imminently bakeable, laudable, and commendable.   

       1) It's the idea, the concept, the original (and I do mean original) plot basis that is the same. The whole idea is for there to be enough similarity to have discussion points to come out of it for film buffs.   

       The execution should be like giving a writing assignment (from grade schoolers/university students to amateur/professional writers) on say subject:cat or subject:moonbeams or subject:whatever. This is where the idea should shine.   

       2 different treatments (like with parallel pictures) or 20 different treatments (like a class writing assignment) will hopefully get much different results. 20 different writers might give happy, sad, melancholy, farcical, satiric, romantic, adventuresome, playful, morose, moody, far-fetched whimsy, out & out sci-fi, etc, etc.   

       Also, it would be high-brow or at least "mid-brow" so the low-brow thing is not applicable.   

       2) The main stable would be the up and comers and the high quality blast from the past stars. The quality and prestige would be enough to get current highly paid star "floaters" (much like the people who do Woody Allen's movies for comparative peanuts).   

       P.S. What does Brobdingnagian mean?   

       3) We should be so lucky round my way for an old theatre to be a ballroom. (A few are empty. One is a quacky sounding evangelical church. One is a bingo hall, one a upscale poolhall [looks upscale from the outside anyway], one is actually a live theatre venue )   

       If the idea is solid the money will follow. None of these businesses is so classy that a well financed media conglom couldn't easily buy them out. And besides, this is a highminded idea that involves family, community, social justice, blah blah blah so naturally if someone connected got ahold of it -- the positive, upbeat, optimist says whoa, try holding this idea back.   

       4) Extreme comfort IS the idea. It certainly isn't mutually exclusive.   

       The theatre I have in mind in my area has incredible new seats and awesome surround-sound for that gimmick worthy peak-a-boo sound effect stuff.   

       This effect was used in two movies recently that I know of (in only ONE instance in each movie unfortunately)   

       In 2000's *remake* of Disney's Fantasia and the recent (I can't believe I saw this movie) Benecio Del Toro/Tommy Lee Jones nothing but knifing-to-death in the forest by an ex-military loon movie (title ???) where the effect was used when the BDT character killed the first two victims - the pair of ducks-in-a-barrel hunters.   

       This theatre has the excellent seats, the great sound system and the original outside signage (that only needs the lights fixed on the marquee but has fully functioning and (I think) fairly newly replaced neon signage as its pros.   

       Its cons: It has a gross lobby that looks like it the theatre is owned by incredibly penny wise pound foolish small business owners from a third world country and more importantly the movies played in a ONE THEATRE ONLY theatre are same old same guy movies. The Core. The Knifing Movie. Bullet Proof Monk. Etc. Etc. Etc.   

       But as you can see, in this example enough money has already been spent and comparatively little is needed to make this theatre viable as a movie palace.   

       5) Thank you.   

       Your final paragraph -- as noted in my clarification of 1) -- the asymetrical quality should be present in most. The good old movies,and I believe they are the majority, are not hoary. There are just a (very) few things you have to filter out (like the excessive use of the word darling in certain otherwise great genres of old movies).   

       So, do you still say fishcake :( or is it worth at least one other person's pastry :)
thecat, May 07 2003

thecat, May 07 2003

       Forget about "Sweet November" for a minute, [thecat]. Would a back-to-back double feature of "The Brandon Teena Story" with "Boys Don't Cry" prove or disprove your premise? Both had terrific critical response, came from the same true story, were produced by different studios and different creative teams, and were produced in near proximity of each other. (I have to admit, this sure wouldn't be my idea of a fun Saturday date-night, though.)
jurist, May 07 2003

       jurist, be a pal and write me out a short synopsis of this.
po, May 07 2003

       //Why was he thrown out?//
It had something to do with being drunk, rude, obnoxious & acting like a Superstar. You know, how I treat whiners, minus the drunk part.
thumbwax, May 07 2003

       I guess ideally it works best with fluffier stuff done in a socially responsible way. But it could also work with inherently serious stuff. I didn't see the movies you mention (although I am somewhat familiar with them) but I think it would prove my premise. In fact, I'd say you yourself proved it for me noting they were both good movies. For the person interested in this story it's great. For someone looking for something lighter or at least not so controversial (hot button subject for the very conservative) apply it to any two mid-range matching movies of your choice to get your answer. Oh, and since commerce (even social activist commerce) can not live by Saturday (or even Fri AND Sat) alone perhaps you could attend a more serious double feature like this on a weekday. A matinee, maybe. :) If you did take a date, take a granola cruncher the Boys Don't Cry "double feature" and you might just get lucky.   

       Oh, and BTW both movies don't have to been seen the same night. The tickets would be sold as a set but can be redeemed separately.
thecat, May 07 2003

       //Why was he thrown out// Haven't "better actors/people" had the same experience at some point.   

       Also, I repeat, this is not about Keanu Reeves. It's about an idea that could change the world. The very world! Let's all join hands and sing We Are The World -- um --I mean I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing.   

       And remember, If You're Not Part Of The Solution You Are Part Of The Problem. Joy. Bliss. And stardust movie memories for everyone.
thecat, May 07 2003

       I didn't say they were both good movies. I said they both had terrific critical response. 'The Brandon Teena Story" won a number of "Best Documentary Awards"; And Hillary Swank won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in "Boys Don't Cry". They were both well-made movies, just not fare that I'd normally recommend to friends and family. They were the source of many interesting conversations nonetheless, I would imagine.
jurist, May 07 2003

       [jurist] I was wondering if I could sneak that past you (that which you clarified) but you said it yourself -- "They were the source of many interesting conversations nonetheless, I would imagine" and that is one of the important points of this idea.
thecat, May 07 2003

       //Deep Impact -vs- Armageddon
Dante's Peak -vs- Volcano//


       Mission to Mars -vs- Red Planet
Sphere -vs- Event Horizon


       Titanic -vs- Endless reruns of Titanic   


       Euro Hard Riders -vs- Max Hardcore's European Vacation   

       Need I say more?
FloridaManatee, May 07 2003

       Yes. You must! (say more that is). You (all of you) need to make a few more girly combo references. You are not only not talking about types of movies that I often see but you are corrupting the whole idea with your insistence on making it all about action movies, action movies, action movies. It's about movies like everything from old fluff like Golddiggers of '33 and Flying Down To Rio to new fluff like (fill in the chick-flick blank) & more serious old stuff like All Quiet On The Western Front and Citizen Kane to more serious new stuff like The Last Emperor or even a docu-type thing like a Michael Moore movie for example. OK.
thecat, May 07 2003

       They used to make parallel editions of early speaking films in London before dubbing was possible. They would make a English film and as they made it the scenes would be reshot with different crew and actors for both French and German audiences.
Aristotle, May 07 2003

       True. I didn't remember this but the difference is that with this they are made somewhat to signifigantly differently and the are made for the same audience not a vastly different one (linguisticly).
thecat, May 07 2003

       okay..here comes the East Coast USA timezone kicking in..   

       GEEZ, you people have a lot to say.   

       [thecat] I'm lazy. I didn't read all this.   

       But you mentioned Charlize and Ashley early enough in your dissertation to win my Croissant ! (I'm easy like that !)
mahatma, May 07 2003

       Yes!! (Visualise a fist thrust triumphantly in the air). Finally, my 1st croissant. Thank you mahatma. I don't care that you say it was merely my (terrific, IIDSSM) choice of actresses.   

       Oh, and if the idea [or dissertation as you put it - which I love as I only made it as far as 10th grade :) ] was too long for you, seriously, then hopefully jurist will take po seriously and "be a pal and write me out a short synopsis of this" that you can "be a lamb and peruse as well".   

       Thanks again for the croissant. I was starving here.   

       I forgot to mention that the life saving (or at least hunger sating) croissant earns you a measure of my love. And I don't care that you are easy ;)
thecat, May 07 2003

       Very interesting RodsTiger. Especially as I have said I LIKE the Snuggle Porn Idea (Whose Idea Was It Again). This could certainly be incorporated in some way in some of these doublet cine masterpieces/
thecat, May 07 2003

       P.S. RodsTiger I posted my reply to your post before you posted again about the rather hard-core element that perhaps needs to be a motion to be "laid on the table" or something similar pending "further consideration" :)
thecat, May 07 2003

       I see that my skim reading missed out some of the finer points of your idea. I apologise, I am hung over and lazy. Anyway, on the basis that you're talking about simultanous asymmetrical creation of films from the same concept germ, I like this. I think that it would be an interesting creative exercise (far better than remaking old films shot for shot - I'm looking at *you* Gus Van Sant) and I'll give it a croissant.
my face your, May 07 2003

       But you never get anything for free in this world so the croissant comes with some advice. Your idea, as written, contains a lot of smaller 'sub-ideas' - the recreation of the studio system, the redefinition of the cinema-going experience - as well as a fair amount of background which could perhaps be seen as extraneous. I'll wager that you might have garnered a better response if edited your idea text a little more strongly. The core idea is a good one and, if written in a more skeletal manner could have generated a number of entertaining annotations from the Creative Writing Division of the 'bakery. Finally, on the subject of the 'action movie bias' of the annotations, I would take this as more of a criticism of the output of Hollywood generally, rather than evidence of an anti-chick flick preference at the 'bakery.
Feel free to delete this anno, for whatever reason you feel fit.
my face your, May 07 2003

       My personal policy is no deletions. (Unless I guess - never say never - something seems truly hateful). Thanks for the suggestions. Whether Miss To-Much-Info takes it is to be determined (I believe the sub points are important to the overall idea - it is about positively changed the world POSITIVELY). Sequins and glitter can I believe move more mountains that spit and polish (and this is NOT a bizarre metaphor) But I'd rather have the suggestion than not.   

       One small thing though, my_face_your, you said croisannts don't come free (hence the "free" advice) so I think you should pay up. After all, you didn't give me a croissant. I know because I got one from Mahatma after giving myself the 1st one (if you don't believe in your ideas and your own self who else will - LOL). Whadda say?
thecat, May 07 2003

       My advice is charged at £100 per hour. You will be invoiced. <g>
my face your, May 07 2003

       No-o-o-o. That is so-o-o-o wrong my_face_your. You owe me, not the other way around, remember. Besides, you owe me twice over since very few people take advice very well. As such, I feel the recipient of said advice (even if taken under serious consideration with no hard feelings only) by the adviser should kiss the advisee's feet (or at least be willing to) for the advisee being such a rare and precious thing of beauty. A willing and grateful recipient. Now, lambikins, wherever ist thou pastry.
thecat, May 07 2003

       Perhaps. Or is it perchance.
thecat, May 07 2003

       It's kinda refreshing to see someone so excited about Hollywood. I didn't make it all the way through the idea, though - too much information, as noted above.   

       Croissant for enthusiasm.   

       Brobdingnagian means giant-sized. It refers to the race of giants in Swift's "Gulliver's Travels."
snarfyguy, May 07 2003

       Fishbone for idea, as I got bored halfway and couldn't be bothered reading to the end. Sorry!
Croissant for the time you must have put in to writing this.
Another croissant for the obvious devotion to your idea, and desire to get appreciation.

Net score.....Breakfast at Tiffany's vs. Deep blue sea vs. Chocolat (+)
silverstormer, May 07 2003

       //You (all of you) need to make a few more girly combo references. //   

       GoG action?
FloridaManatee, May 07 2003

       There's just no pleasing some people. If the earlier cited "Boys Don't Cry" doesn't qualify as a girly combo movie (GoG, even), then I don't know what the hell does.
jurist, May 07 2003

       Blah. Instead of making one crap movie, let's make two at the same time. Remakes almost always suck. I would much prefer if all of this effort was being put into an original film concept. The results would be much more satisfying.   

       Simultaneous film projects inadvertently happen all the time, and it is a bad thing. Consider the current fiasco involving the two "Alexander the Great" projects underway. Baz Luhrmann is making one ("Alexander the Great") with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role, and Oliver Stone will start production on "Alexander" starring Colin Farrell very shortly.   

       Why? They are both determined to do this despite what the other is up to. They've agreed to release them a year apart. (Stone's will get first screening.)   

       If I wanted to see an Alexander the Great movie, I would only want to see one of them (and given the choice of the two directors above, neither of them).   

       btw, neither director claims to be remaking any of the several Alexander the Great movies that have already been made (probably the best of which was the 1956 version that starred Richard Burton), but it doesn't matter. The subject has been done to death.
waugsqueke, May 12 2003

       Pick two awesome directors that you do admire. Have them take on a worthy idea and see what comes of it. Just like the Decorator Challenge on TLC only more serious, more high-brow. Since most of my knowledge of directors is from old movies consider this example. Picture the same idea germ done by Hitchcock & Capra or John Ford vs Otto Preminger
thecat, May 12 2003

       Absolutely not. I'd greatly prefer to have the two awesome directors produce two different projects that I would enjoy independent of the other. Why have one waste his or her time and talent making a film that someone else is already making?   

       I don't get the point of the comparison. It's not supposed to be a competition. I can't believe you used the word "vs" just now.
waugsqueke, May 12 2003

       Competition (even in art) can be a good thing. And isn't it true "that which does not kill you makes you stronger". P.S. If one prefers they can read the 2nd example as & instead "versus vs".
thecat, May 12 2003

       Okay, now you've degenerated into total bullshit. You obviously watch films for different reasons than I do.
waugsqueke, May 12 2003

       Ouch. Absolutely Not. Hell, Yes.
thecat, May 12 2003

       See Worth1000.com - art as a sport, complete with winners and runners up.
DrCurry, May 12 2003

thecat, Jun 20 2003

       Cat, you just put that dot there to bring this back onto the recent list. I read it, all of it. It looks like you want to make the same movie twice. It sounds like your example (Sweet November) was already made twice - the 2001 Keeno version is a remake. So there you have your two movies. Show the original and the remake back to back. Afterwards, retire to the wine bar for witty and urbane discussion.   

       Am I missing something? I know you will tell me if I am.
bungston, Jun 20 2003

       [bungston] You are so sweet for noticing my birthmark, ahem, I mean my "dot". But really dear, I'm disappointed that you would be so matter of fact about it. After all, I wasn't trying to be sneaky -- just creative (and I bet I was the first to do it so demurely -- no star or exclamation point, just a simple, near imperceptable pin-dot).   

       Seriously, thank you very much for reading it through. It is my baby. My first idea post and a concept I've held close to my heart for many years. And you were right, of course, when you said "Am I missing something. I know you will tell me if I am". You have, but then so have many others (at least 8!). It could be any movie, movie idea.   

       Also, with the Sweet November idea, I myself was the one who noted it was a remake. The point is to do competing/complementary * symetrical or assymetrical duos with contemporary acting "peer" groupings.   

       And finally, you are again right and this time more happily and correctly when you suggest so eloquently that one retires to the wine bar for a witty and urbane discussion.   

       Thanks again for reading, commenting, and being such an overall buttercup, but you forgot to bring a pastry. All good guests bring their hosts a -nice- gift. Besides, I'm licking my wounds. I looked at my list today and I just lost my HalfBakery Bakery idea.
thecat, Jun 20 2003

       [+] Sorry didnt understand most of it, but sounds like your excited about it. '-)
pashute, Mar 20 2006


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