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Park and tow Lanes

Park and tow Lanes
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I was just thinking we have park and ride lots, where you can park your car and wait to catch a train, why not park and tow lanes where you can park your car and put it into neutural and then a tow vehicle can come and tow 4 or more vehicles at a time in a dedicated lane. That way you still have your vehicle with you when you reach work incase you need to leave early or something.

I havn't realy thought about it in to much detail but would imagine it would probably provide some fuel efficency.

wood2coal, Oct 08 2007


       First couple of cars would be stretched upon acceleration/ascent, squashed upon deceleration/descent.
Texticle, Oct 09 2007

       You could have some kind of combined car transporter bus, or maybe even a boat or train where you can drive your car on. This would be especially useful if you need to cross an expanse of water.
marklar, Oct 09 2007

       It would be great if you worked right near a tow pound. Then you could park anywhere and sit in your car and wait for a tow truck to take you to work.
phundug, Oct 09 2007


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