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A website that people advertize their own drives for rent during the day
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In the city it's a nightmare to park.

Yet I see loads of empty residential driveways. Obviously they work during the day somewhere else.

My idea is to get a website together that says 'park on my driveway, and put $2 (or something) through the door each day .. make sure you're here after 8:30am. and gone by 6pm'.

It also helps security for the home owner as burglers don't know when you are not there .. makes the home owner money for free as they wouldn't be in anyway .. and makes life easier for the person presently having to pay 3 times that for the multi-storey thats 10 minutes walk away from work.

If the driveway is full (so the homeowner has a day off sick) the guy just thinks 'can't park there today' and goes back to the multi-storey. If the guy who is going to rent the driveway does not go to work 1 day -- no problem .. the person renting the driveway doesn't get their $2. Simple!

britboy, Feb 20 2004

Spot app http://parkwithspot.com/
let's hope they didn't try to patent it. [Voice, Sep 05 2013]


       I like it, but it seems easier to just put a sign out, saying "$2 Parking, 8:30am - 6pm, place money in mail slot". You'll get more business from people driving by than those that happen to go to the right web site and plan ahead.
Worldgineer, Feb 20 2004

       Hey [World], I was going to say the same thing, but when I was thinking about it, I realized that I would much rather arrange the parking discretely rather than have a big sign in front of my house.   

       Having a sign is much better for people who are in the area for random errands (and possibly more profitable), but I think I would rather arrange to have one person renting the driveway full time rather than having thousands of random people parking there.
scad mientist, Feb 20 2004

       So burglars would not have access to this website, am I right?
k_sra, Feb 20 2004

       [scad] Then have the sign say "Need parking? Call 555-5555. $2/day". Once someone's signed up for a month (paying in advance), remove your sign.
Worldgineer, Feb 20 2004

       Yeah you need prepay. Otherwise it would be like saying, "Hey, feel free to take advantage of me."
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 20 2004

       Not really. If you had an arangement with one person, and they didn't pay for a while, you could get their car towed away or something.   

       Or you could put up the sign, and think of it a diffent way. Instead of "These evil people are using my drive without paying" think "well half of them are paying, and even when someone is using my drive without paying, its not as if its hurting me."
RobertKidney, Feb 20 2004

       Okay, in the city, and half are paying when they can get away with not paying? Which city is this?
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 20 2004

       Obviously not a big one if parking is $6 a day and people have driveways. I'd pay $2 to avoid the chance of getting towed.
Worldgineer, Feb 20 2004

       [ksra]- burglars couldn't assume that nobody's home. Just because one car is gone doesn't mean the residence is empty. In fact, it works better when someone IS home (or a camera's running) so they know when to tow non-payers.   

       Advertising "Driveway is clear" is not the same as advertising "nobody home".   

       croissant btw.
sophocles, Feb 20 2004

       The multi-story parking garage is farther away than people's driveways? As a suburbanite, I can't concieve of this.
Eugene, Feb 20 2004

       Wimbledon residents make a fortune for a fortnight!
po, Feb 20 2004

       So do Wrigleyville residents!
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 20 2004

       Why stop at the driveway? Offer lawn parking too! You could replace the lawn with green concrete, which would be environmentally correct as well.
bungston, Feb 20 2004

       With a state of the art gnome security system.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 20 2004

       I see great money-making prank potential here, involving a lot of 'Park on my drive for $2.00' signs with padlocked drop slots attached. Pick the closest house with a nice drive, plop down the sign, and swing by to pick it up before the homeowners arrive.
RayfordSteele, Feb 20 2004

       wwrigley? yabba - please elaborate...
po, Feb 20 2004

       Thank you, [tsuka]. You elaborated the words right out of my mouth.
k_sra, Feb 20 2004

       Nice one, britboy. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Feb 21 2004

       Are you still commuting in your Foden?
KiwiJohn, Feb 21 2004

       Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. Most famous for a rabid fan base and complete inability to win the World Series.
Mungo, Feb 21 2004

       How does one inforce this?
-----, Feb 22 2004

       There's always next year, Mungo, or in this case, this year. Edit--nope, next year.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 23 2004

       This is a great idea -- bumping up the croissant level. When I was at my first place in Austin (an "interesting" apartment carved out of a small house), it was near the UTexas stadium, and game days meant cash for the landlord, who wrangled at least 3 cars into his tiny patch of dirt at 10 or 15 bucks each. One day, I'll be a landlord, too, I hope ;) Easy money for a few hours, utilizing nothing but sunk resources.
yhtomit, Dec 08 2005

       Hmmm...well, you say that burglars wouldn't know who's there or if they were...but couldn't they just look at the site?   

       It just seems too risky. Even if you did set up a prepay plan, you never know who you can trust. O_O I only sound like this because a neighbor's house was recently burglarized...
BouncyPaw, Jul 05 2009

       I have vague plans to bake this for my own driveway. I am next to a railway station in the cheap fare zone for my city, and within 100 meters of a major commuter road. And my yard could easily take four or five cars.
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 08 2009

       The problem with this is wrangling cheaters. If I see people parking in a driveway, maybe I park there first! Who calls the tow truck?   

       This should be a deal whereby multiple drivewayed houses contract with a central business who deals with logistics, fields calls from pissed parkers / owners.
bungston, Dec 04 2009

       If you get just the one person, a swipe card to open the gate.   

       More than one person, pay in advance to open the gate.   

       Nobody pays, get the clampers at £120 a go.   

       Highly Bakeble. [+]
8th of 7, Dec 04 2009

       Someone baked my idea even including the name .. without even saying a thank you ...   


       Thanks for the credit dudes :/
britboy, Aug 08 2013

       Well, you DID post the idea on a public forum :-(
But, yeah, credit where credit is due :-)
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 09 2013

       Theives! I challenge them to bake my plasma fusion idea.
xkuntay, Sep 05 2013

       Should have registered the name when you thought of it.
xenzag, Sep 05 2013

       Lousy idea that will never work in real life ... ummm, wait. Never mind [+]
AusCan531, Sep 06 2013

       //Long damp cold muddy winters and simple forage diets have prepared Normandes for the worst.//   

       I fail to see how that is relevant to the idea as posted.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 10 2013


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