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Passport Photo Photoshop plugin

Good for all the world to see
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I'm working at a travel agency at the moment, and there was a suggestion that we should put photos of the (3000) staff on the intranet. I thought that passport photos would be much funnier than the normal posed for ones, and given they're travel agents, quite topical.

Rather than take actual passport photos of people (so retro) I was hoping someone might be able to make a photoshop (or similar) plugin which replicates the appalling lighting, backgrounds, short focal distance and increased chance of red-eye that are synonymous with passport photos.

Some especially stange effects might be achieved using this filter with photos other than portraits.
neilp, Nov 11 2004

[doobibon]'s link http://www.ePassportPhoto.com
as a link [angel, Dec 02 2005]

How far technology has come https://www.washing...a-blackface-option/
If this is possible a simple passport photo must be. [DIYMatt, Aug 13 2016]


       That'd be an awfully complex plug-in and, even then, I'm not sure it would (could) modify the appearance of the lighting, automatically recognize and replace backgrounds or alter the appearance of the depth of field. Even done by an experienced hand this would be a difficult task.   

       You might be able to do a caricature of a passport photo that just looks generally awful but you won't easily get the kinds of modifications that make it look authentically poorly photographed.
bristolz, Nov 11 2004

       hey [bris]. You could get it to do the basics though ? recognise a person in the foreground, swap the background for a faded blue curtain, lose any kind of contrast in the hair ? perhaps we'll just have to revert to analogue.
neilp, Nov 11 2004

       [neilp] Instead of gimmicking the passport photos of all the employees in your company to make them look realistically poor, I'd rather you left them as is, but add a Port of Entry Visa stamp atop each photo that corresponds to the individual's favorite travel destination (or the the one he/she specializes in directing clients to visit). Becomes a discussion topic when the individual is met on the internet, and an opportunity to sell new travel destinations for the company.
jurist, Nov 11 2004

       like it [jurist], I'll ask what they think!
neilp, Nov 11 2004

       another option, assuming quite a bit of them don't have a handy passport photo, is to have them take a digital photo at home and use it at http://www.ePassportPhoto.com
doobibon, Dec 02 2005


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