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Password Portability

A device for carrying passwords with you
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This could be either a flash drive, or a floppy disk, or a CD-R, or.. about anything! It could be an IR device, or even an RFID tag...
The idea is that this device, when inserted, promts the user for a password. If the password is correct, the device automatically completes all password fields it knows the source of, whenever it can. It also makes accessible to the user a list or table of passwords and sources.
It may make some issues regarding security... there is only one password to crack to gain access to all services, rather than one for each service. This means someoone who stole my USB key and cracked one password could have my Halfbakery account, an eBay account, and many other things in my name, many of them attached to credit cards, etc.
This is the only security issue - a list of passwords like this would make feasible very secure passwords, as they would not need to be easy to remember.
roleohibachi, Nov 23 2005

Dongles http://wombat.doc.i...c/foldoc.cgi?dongle
There's movement away from the 'Swiss Army' security fob concept. [reensure, Nov 26 2005]


       //A device for carrying passwords with you//   

       My mobile phone has this function for storing passwords and codes, why? I have no idea.
skinflaps, Nov 23 2005

       // Password Portability //
That's a silly password.
moomintroll, Nov 23 2005

       A stronger password would be "port@bility". [roleohibachi] if someone cracks your account, don't blame me.
pathetic, Nov 23 2005

       This is just as dangerous as using the same password for everything... and it's much easier to lose your Flash drive than your mind (although this is debatable)
SuiGenerisKitten, Nov 23 2005

       Isn't this effectively the same thing?
Germanicus, Nov 23 2005

       Agreed, [pathetic], but many if not most services allow alphanumeric passwords only. that is, a-z and 0-9. Few and far between are those allowing symbols - should be more though.
roleohibachi, Nov 23 2005

       Why remember all those passwords at all when there are possibilities for single sign-on services?
Jinbish, Nov 24 2005

       [Jinbish] I assume you mean website interfaces like Google, Yahoo or MSN, in which the user has one account for numerous services? Good, but encourages monopoly... and, its baked, though rather poorly.
roleohibachi, Nov 26 2005

       A friend of mine (a network manager) has made one of these. He found a piece of software that automatically fills in username and password fields using an encrypted database. He installed the software onto a USB flash drive along with an autorun file and then encrypted the USB drive using a password. He plugs it into any PC he is using, enters one password to unlock the key, then the key autoruns and will fill in all relevant fields using ctrl-P or something.
wagster, Nov 26 2005


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