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Pay by power EV

get ev at dirt price. Pay through power.
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In order to power up your EV you must use our electric charger adapter which is enabled remotely by paying the charging charge.

Serves also to prevent car theft.

The charger amd the car are your property but you have an agreement through which you, the owner, supply us, the charging provider company with your phone and car locations, and with the charger's location.

Any change made to the car's power supply automatically transfers the car back to our ownership and if stolen will be taken off the road.

pashute, Jul 14 2022


       Serves also to motivate after-market modification of the charging mechanism.
pertinax, Jul 14 2022

       I'm bunning the concept but I really, REALLY hope I never get so desperate I have to sell my privacy for transportation like this.
Voice, Jul 14 2022


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