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Pay politicians proportionally to their approval ratings

possibly better than other ideas in this category
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notexactly, Mar 30 2015


       Now, if you had "pay politicians proportionally to their opponents approval rating, you might have something.
theircompetitor, Mar 30 2015

       from wikipedia   

       "Gallup conducts 1,000 interviews per day, 350 days out of the year, among both landline and cell phones across the U.S. for its health and well-being survey and political and economic survey. Gallup Daily tracking methodology relies on live interviewers, dual-frame random-digit-dial sampling (which includes landline as well as cellular telephone phone sampling to reach those in cell phone-only households), and uses a multi-call design to reach respondents not contacted on the initial attempt."   

       So only people who have a phone get a chance to vote.
popbottle, Apr 02 2015


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