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Pear tree in a partridge

Just for fun
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This christmas push the limits of romance.

Its a bonsai pear tree sold in a partridge shaped pot. Bone this idea if you like, but its christmas, and I've heard that song one too many times

energy guy, Dec 25 2004

Partidge Pot http://www.thejunkymonkey.com/haeani.htm
Unfortunately it is an antique [Knife Knut, Feb 09 2005]

(?) Chinese Pear Bonsai http://www.bonsaimu...20020927/KarinL.jpg
Bonsai Pear Tree [Knife Knut, Feb 09 2005]


       tell this to danny bonaducci
benfrost, Dec 25 2004

       Who's he?
energy guy, Dec 25 2004

       I get it. He's the Partridge family sit com drummer that still doesn't fit in anywhere.
mensmaximus, Dec 25 2004

       I see we both own property on the Religious Technology square!
spiritualized, Dec 25 2004

       Trade you mayfair for Bond street....
energy guy, Jan 05 2005

       Right now we are having the post holiday sale. You get three for the price of two (Its a patridge in a pair-three)
energy guy, Jan 10 2005

       surely you could graft a small pear tree sapling to the digestive tract of the partridge to provide nutrients with the leaves sprouting out through the ridge of its back. Would make a very romantic sight to see pear shrubbery with wings float down into your sweetheart's arms - then buried.
benfrost, Feb 10 2005

       It's alive it alive   

       Nothing on halfbakery truly stops living
dev45, Dec 03 2006


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