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next door’s xmas tree.

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via webcam and other techy stuff, including a very long pointy stick for sweeping back their curtains, digitally capture the neighbour’s expensive & ostentatious festive tree from several angles, turn it into a hologram and enlarge it x 10, then project it onto a space in front of the window that shines straight back at the neighbour’s house.

it doesn’t really matter if the image is fuzzy just as long as you backlight it with bright sparkly blinkin’ lights and fabulous looking presents at the base…

po, Dec 06 2006


       is it too early to wish every halfbaker a very very happy christmas and a merry new year?
po, Dec 06 2006

       We fish you a merry biscuit, we fish you a merry biscuit, we fish you a merry biscuit, and a happy idea.
phundug, Dec 06 2006

       they leave their window open a bit...
po, Dec 06 2006

       does this "techy stuff" include a black pyjama suit, glass cutters, and some tranquiliser-laced steak for their inquisitive dog? I think that's the best way to get a *really* realistic hologram.   

       ..oh, I found this bun for you. ..Fell off a truck.
Custardguts, Dec 06 2006

       can I tell you a secret? I love a sneaky bone!
po, Dec 06 2006

       The stick could have a magnet at the end of it. Hopefully the curtains are hung with metal loops or hooks or whatever one hangs curtains with.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 06 2006

       //...I love a sneaky bone!// Ooh, bordering on too much information there, [po].
jurist, Dec 07 2006


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