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Pedal Wheels

Replace pedals with wheels
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If pedals were wheels the back of the bike could be removed, chain drive eliminated, and possibly the remaining frame angled forwards. Each Pedal Wheel would have a pedal rotating around its center hub, as the riders legs move inside. Pedal Wheels enclose the lower portion of riders legs between two wheels, so that may or not be safer.
rcarty, Aug 08 2014


       The penny-farthing front wheel was the size it was so that the direct drive wheel had a reasonable mechanical advantage, and it could actually be pedaled.
MechE, Aug 09 2014

       Actually it was to keep production costs at one penny farthing, or .0125 cents.
rcarty, Aug 09 2014

       Actually it was originally called the “penis farting” bicycle (the inventor having been cursed with Tourette's), but the name was sanitized in accordance with Victorian mores.
ytk, Aug 09 2014


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