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Pedestrian Safety Halo

Light 'em up
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* Start with a visor, the kind you might see a tennis player wear, or just a headband.

* To the headband, attach a series of lightweight plastic rods projecting vertically upward a foot or so.

* At the top end of the rods, attach a circular ring that extends to about shoulder width at its extremity.

* Spaced around the circumference of the ring, pointing downward, attach a number of bright white LEDs.

* Somewhere, maybe on the visor, attach a number of dry cell batteries to power the LEDs.

* Turn on the power to illuminate a pedestrian at night.

half, Oct 12 2005

Bright Night Illuminated Umbrella http://www.the-gadg...ted_umbrella_review
Somewhat related concept in that it provides a safe pool of walking illumination in which to see and be seen for pedestrians out at night or on gloomy days. Although it is available in a variety of colors and designs, unfortunately it is not available as a hands-free halo hat. Nonetheless, people seem to really like them and the price is reasonable. [jurist, Oct 12 2005]

Flashlight Illuminated Flying Disk http://www.sportsun...om/flashflight.html
Instead of a halo-hat, just gently fling the Frisbee on a flattish, head-high trajectory in the direction you wish to walk and try to keep under it. [jurist, Oct 12 2005, last modified Oct 13 2005]

Got Em' for Motorcyclists - Kinda http://www.reflecti...ls.com/haloebay.htm
Just a bright reflective band placed around the helmet. [Letsbuildafort, Oct 14 2005]


       For those of a more dramatic bent than me, the LED halos are available in colors like red and violet.   

       I recently saw ultraviolet LEDs...excellent visibility if wearing fluorescent clothing.
half, Oct 12 2005

       I'll take one.
oxen crossing, Oct 12 2005

       You could also have a fan of fibre optics behind your head, for the religious painting look. Beatific facial expression optional.
Adze, Oct 12 2005

       how about a beanie with LEDs on the tips of the propellors?
Cedar Park, Oct 12 2005

       I've seen LED-lighted Frisbee disks. I suppose you could rig one of those in place of the halo and thereby not only provide the halo effect you intended but also provide a small amount of head-cover in the event of rain. Or, you could just use an illuminated umbrella, like the one pictured in the first link.
jurist, Oct 12 2005

       I like it.
dentworth, Oct 12 2005

       Seeing that illuminated disk reminds me there's a detail that didn't make it from my head to the keyboard.   

       At least as an option, the halo itself would be hidden by a matte black shroud. While possibly reducing overall visibility, it would give the glowing pedestrian effect that I had envisioned.   

       I don't really intend for the halo to be visible, rather that the pedestrian be illuminated, preferably as if from nowhere.
half, Oct 12 2005

       Having seen somebody run over on Monday night (the dreaded combo of darkness, torrential rain and daredevil pedestrians) I must bun this.
salachair, Oct 12 2005

       What if you already have a halo, one that can’t be removed?
Shz, Oct 12 2005

       I'd say that you are an angel with nothing to fear from being hit by a car, in which case you don't need one of these, or you have been hit by a car already and I will gladly custom fit one of these to your halo brace.
half, Oct 12 2005

       just popped by to say halo, half.
po, Oct 12 2005

       Yo! po!
half, Oct 12 2005

       I'd prefer an Aussie-style LED cork hat, which looks marginally cooler and also keeps away the dive-bombing horseshoe bats which live near me.
rubyminky, Oct 13 2005

       Did somone say halo?
st3f, Oct 13 2005

       Perfect for holier-than-thou "I'm not burning fossil fuel to get around" folks!   

       (<confession>sometimes I'm one</confession>)
sophocles, Oct 13 2005

       This is probably the reason for alien and/or Jesus sightings.
jellydoughnut, Oct 13 2005

       I've lived in New England for most of my life and have never seen a moose. I feel cheated.
jellydoughnut, Oct 13 2005

       Which gives me a great idea!   

       LED safety haloes on the antlers of moose and male deer so they don't get hit by cars at night in New England.
jellydoughnut, Oct 13 2005

       Why just the male of the species?   

       I'll watch whilst you put them on the animals. Better yet, just send me a video, especially of the bull moose adornment session.
bristolz, Oct 13 2005

       Aw, don't burst my bubble, [Unabubba]. We need more stereotypes.
rubyminky, Oct 13 2005

       The high-dollar version would of course be decked out like what Austin Millbarge wore in "Spies Like Us."
RayfordSteele, Oct 13 2005

       + also great for rainy days and sinners.
xandram, May 03 2006

       //I'll send you a portrait of my pet kangaroo. — UnaBubba, Oct 13 2005 //   

       You mean your crime fighting wallaby, right?   

       What's that skip? Trouble on wall street? Jeepers!
Custardguts, Jan 23 2009


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