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Pedestrian brake lights

Brake lights for pedestrians
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When in a group of commuters, things move pretty smoothly, until somebody stops. So I propose pedestrian brake lights. It would work by measuring the pressure on each leg. If the walker is about to stop, then they must exert a greater (or at least different) pressure. So, when the device detects that pressure it can flash a brake light.

Of course, a beneficial side effect of this might be to indicate that the person wearing the device is about to start running. This will highlight an imminent gap in the commuter stream that you (the person walking behind) can jump into.

Did I say that, Apr 09 2001


       Nobody pays attention to them on cars, are they likely to pay attention to them on themselves?
StarChaser, Apr 09 2001

       Yea... turn signals... wide load signs... Oh, don't forget emissions tests for the odoriferous few.
andrewkorbel, Apr 10 2001

       I've noticed that I usually make some kind of noise (such as clearing my throat) before randomly turning around (read: suddenly remembered something I forgot at the beginning of my journey) when walking in a dense area. I don't know when in life I developed this (perhaps one too many walking accidents as a child?), but it seems to me to be a good low tech way of alerting the person behind you of your action. Although a more verbose method might be preferred - "I'm turning around now!"
Worldgineer, Jun 25 2003

       The warning lights must also be on if the person is talking on a cellphone. People talking on the cell phone are prone to random stops and jerking sideways motions, but you can't always see that the person in front of you is actually on the phone or not.
phundug, Jun 25 2003


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