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Pedometer Powered Mobile Phone

Boring old piezo-electricity again.
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I believe that it is time that a battery-less mobile phone was invented. One that took the forward, sideways and, sometimes, backward motion of the caller and used it to power the phone via a discharging capacitor.

The capacitor would completely discharge every few seconds however thus requiring constant motion from the user in order to maintain the signal.

In poor signal areas the user could set the discharge rate to ‘high’ thus enabling them to boost the signal by maintaining a more vigorous pace.

My preference would be for all mobiles to be powered this way, but I know that all you mobile-wielding bastards out there would call down an immediate m-f-d, so this is definitely a voluntary use device and in no way compulsory.

Similarly, this idea should not be mistaken for a rant about idiots who wander all over the pavement, oblivious to everyone and everything around them, whilst holding a phone firmly clamped to their ear. Really. It’s not. Honest.
DrBob, Nov 26 2004


       I feel your pain. I dispair at people who feel the need to highlight just how friggin mobile their mobile is by turning into an epeleptic jack in the box as soon as it touches their piggin ear.   

       That aside.   

       Good idea however I would suggest this be used as a recharging device rather than a solo source for power. [+]
etherman, Nov 26 2004

       " idiots who wander all over the pavement..." you forgot... "and talking loudly"
dentworth, Nov 26 2004

       It's only a matter of time. They've made a flexible phone antenna that can be worn as a shoulder pad (no, honest, heard it on the radio) which uses a tenth of the power of a conventional one; as power consumption goes down... ...well, as power consumption goes down we'll have More gadgets to do MORE stuff on the move. Techno-geeks will be recognisable for their amazing dancing skills which they practice continuously in order to power their Digital Life Enhancement Systems which they wear down their pants.   

       ...ooo. Don't know where that went at the end, there.
moomintroll, Nov 26 2004

       OK. Own up! Who changed the category, eh?
DrBob, Nov 30 2004

       That would have been the Autocategorizor....
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 01 2004

       Maybe a movement-powered electric shock unit, programmed to operate only when the phone is in use. Hence movement while on the phone is kept to an absolute minimum. Can't see why anyone would voluntarily use one, though.
david_scothern, Dec 02 2004


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