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PenAgain Stylus

Put a capicitor in the end of the PenAgain and keep your fingerprint
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The stylus is good. So is the PenAgain. Make a stylus version of the Penagain for folks with big fingers
Sunstone, Nov 24 2015

DIY stylus http://www.instruct...ve-Stylus/?ALLSTEPS
[Sunstone, Nov 24 2015]

The PenAgain writing pen http://www.penagain.com/
[Sunstone, Nov 24 2015]

For the Penagainians if they want to know the market http://www.9dresear...5296#report-details
[Sunstone, Nov 24 2015]

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       thanks for showing me the pen
pashute, Nov 24 2015

       and thanks for showing me the pen
pashute, Nov 24 2015


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