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Multipurpose Stylus

It's a stylus! No! It's a Pen! No! it's a reminder!
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Remember those pens the posh kid at school would have, that would bring out a different colour of pen nib depending on which slide you brought down?

Well, what I'm thinking of is a similar thing, but one would be a pen, the other a stylus. as it's only two accessories, it could be thinner/sleeker.

In addition, what with the new generation of always-on-t'internet wireless connections coming through, some form of email notification would be good too - just a small speaker at the top which "Pings" when something new has arrived, or a reminder is popping up on your PDA.

Too much for something so easily lost? Or a half decent idea?

Seaneeboy, Feb 25 2003

Logitech io Digital Pen http://www.thinkgee...g/accessories/5c38/
This is pretty close to what you seek... [medvet, Oct 04 2004]


       I have a "writing instrument" which combines a PDA stylus, an 0.5mm pencil, and two colours of ballpoint. It's made by Rotring. So that part of your idea is Baked.   

       The "ping" email notifier would be good, though. A Pager-in-a-pen ...
8th of 7, Feb 25 2003

       The Pager-in-a-pen is baked too... In an old episode of "The Avengers" a company sells pens called "bleepers" that beep when the owner recieves a phone call... except that some of the pens have poison needles and are used to kill diplomats!!! I believe this tv show predates actaully predates "real" pagers by a few decades.
alelias, Feb 25 2003


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