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Pen/Pencil Toothpick Holder

Toothpicks inside holder on other side of pen
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This idea is actually from my late young friend Yogev Ukashi, who had a sickness and died (possibly suicide) last year. If somebody actually makes this idea, please let me know.

You connect some kind of contraption to the other side of a pen, so that when you need a toothpick, (or to play with pen), you press a button or pull a lever and the toothpick comes out.

I actually started working the idea out with him, but then forgot about it for a while, and finally got the sad news.

pashute, Oct 18 2002


       My grandfather collected pens. I don't know why. He had a pen that had toothpicks in the rear. In a clear little see through compartment. I think it was a car dealership pen. Your's sounds more like a swiss army pen.
lazloquezos, Oct 18 2002


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