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Palatable ink in Biros

for inveterate pen suckers
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There you are so absorbed in a crossword that your skin is coming out in a grid pattern when the sudden realisation hits you that there is a disgusting taste in your mouth.

As you come out of your reverie you understand why. After removing your pen from your mouth you make up a concentrated solution of Vim or drain cleaner to remove the taste.

Surely tasty ink would be a boon for all pen suckers!

rambling_sid, Mar 24 2005

Edible Pens Edible_20Pens
Admittedly with inedible ink. [DrCurry, Mar 25 2005]

Palette-able ink http://www.inkpalette.com/
[normzone, Mar 26 2005]


       Gooooogle returns 12,000 hits for "edible ink".
angel, Mar 24 2005

       I'm a sucker for pens, I keep giving them to everybody else.
skinflaps, Mar 24 2005

       sp: palatable
krelnik, Mar 24 2005

       We did edible pens before, several times. I'll see if any are still around.
DrCurry, Mar 25 2005

       sp corrected
jonthegeologist, Mar 26 2005

       I don't need edible ink, I need ink that will somehow be catalyzed to invisibility when it touches my skin! Maybe nanomechanical ink particles driven by intracellular ATP ... sure, *expensive* ink, but what's the price of one's pride?
baka, Jul 08 2005


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