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Pencil Duller

After sharpening dull to a round tip.
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Sharpened pencils are often too sharp. For those instances a Pencil Duller is required to round the point. This device allows the insertion of a sharpened pencil and grinds the tip to a rounded point.
rcarty, Jan 10 2014


       (+)Very fitting for the HB but a dull pencil sharpener would save a step.
cudgel, Jan 10 2014

       Ball point pens should skip. Felt pens should leak. Artist Brushes should be jammed with paint. Printer cartridges should plug and streak. Aerosol cans should spit and dribble.   

       If you can just get a pencil duller into the office section Wall-Mart, the sky is the limit. There are so many other devices to make. You could offer a suite similar tools.
popbottle, Jan 11 2014

       [+] I would appreciate a pencil sharpening/dulling lathe, with swappable form tools to facilitate various tips with precision roundedness.
mitxela, Jan 16 2014

       Doesn't your pencil butler organise this kind of thing?
pocmloc, Jan 16 2014


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