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As simple as it sounds, only better.
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Suggested by a friend of mine rather than myself, this idea really is as simple as ice cubes in the shape of penguins. Great for hot days (because it's ice!), and great for cold days (because it's penguins!). And of course, if one is so inclined, it could be marketed to the rich in larger, life-size sizes to use at elegant dinner parties.
ShellCandy, Oct 09 2007

Here you go. http://www.kitchenk...40&bhcd2=1191891301
[jutta, Oct 09 2007]

Ikea Ice http://www.ikea.com...g/products/00099888
they're a dollar ninety-nine. that's an expensive candy bar! [k_sra, Oct 09 2007]


       I'm glad that this isn't what I thought it would be: a portmanteau of penguins and *juice*. There's just no way that would have ended well.
jutta, Oct 09 2007

       So is it a two part mould, or does it just produce a penguin outline kind of shape?   

       EDIT: Seen link. Ah, the old flat-sided penguin trick.
Texticle, Oct 09 2007

       I had imagined penguice would be little discouloured patches on the ice, where briefly stood penguins stand no longer.
theNakedApiarist, Oct 09 2007

       This is really pretty widely-known-to-exist, certainly to anyone who's ever been to Ikea (and I challenge anyone to do that without coming home with yet another novelty ice cube tray for the price of a fun-size Mars bar).
wagster, Oct 09 2007


       The least fun size.
theleopard, Oct 09 2007

       //(and I challenge anyone to do that without coming home with yet another novelty ice cube tray for the price of a fun-size Mars bar).//   

       <blushes and tries to hide her star-shaped ice-cube tray>
k_sra, Oct 09 2007

       I love it
evilpenguin, Oct 09 2007

       WIFRT I thought it would be an idea to teach penguins how to make, harvest, and package ice cubes for export around the world, which would provide Antactica with a second industry, behind tourism.
Canuck, Oct 10 2007

       //The least fun size.// - I couldn't tell you the exact size of "fun", per se, but I always imagined it would be bigger than one of those tiny bars. They seem to be more the size of "amusement", or possibly "passing interest".
wagster, Oct 10 2007

theleopard, Oct 10 2007

       Hey [k_sra], I have the jigsaw pieces! I also have the really cool ones that make long sticks of ice that sit vertically in your G&T and look like icy swizzle sticks. Genius.
wagster, Oct 10 2007

       We'd be no good at marketing, [theleopard].
wagster, Oct 10 2007

       i've got the plus signs, too, [wags]. i'm never going back there again! unless they get the penguincicles, that is.
k_sra, Oct 10 2007

       When I was a child there were these (not very tasty, actually) chocolate bars advertised with the slogan "A Finger of Fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat", which I really resented - I didn't want to be fobbed off with "just enough".

New! - Disappointment Size Mars Bars!
hippo, Oct 10 2007


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