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Penny protractors

Angling for buns
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It may be once or twice a day, when a person needs/wants to find an angle.
Whether doing some work and not being in possession of a protractor, or just taking a passing thought that little bit further - penny protractors could certainly come in handy.
If each penny had a hole in the middle, and a small mark at every 15 degree interval around its circumference - most people would have at least one protractor on them at any time.
fridge duck, Dec 12 2005


       I like it. And add metric-to-inch-pound conversions to the dollar for ease of reference.
Worldgineer, Dec 12 2005

       This is but one of a whole class of insufficiently-baked inventions consisting of {currency}{instruments of Math Instruction} including:   

       Nickel Numbers Dime Dimensions Quarter Questions Half-dollar Hammers   

       Also note that for the protractor, the 1-oz. Krugerrand has a nice round number (180) of serrations!   

       Bun for revival of Holey money!   

       sp: its (circumf...)
csea, Dec 13 2005

       Sorry about that, bit of confusion over these damned grammatical rules. It are all put back right now.
fridge duck, Dec 13 2005

       Hey, no problem, I just get fussed about it (and "it's") from time to time!
csea, Dec 13 2005

       You might try to patent this. Coins and protractors are not novel, but a coin protractor? I doubt that you could get a utility patent for a metal disk to be used as a protractor. I wonder if a coin protractor could have a utility or design patent?   

       Perhaps there is a whole class of multifunction coin ideas. For example why throw out watch batteries after their use. They could be considered legal tender.
geo8rge, Dec 13 2005

       //They could be considered legal tender.// but they're ten a penny.
po, Dec 13 2005

       A brilliant idea! I have been in just such a situation myself. Money should be just as useful to me while in my pocket as it is when going into someone elses.
Erfunden, Dec 14 2005

       Need one of these. I run into several instances throughout the day where I need a protractor but all I have is a pocket full of change.
Jscotty, Dec 14 2005


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