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Pentium 4 Easy Bake Oven

Do something useful with that wasted heat
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Anyone with a Pentium 4 processor knows that those babies kick off some serious heat! Now you have a way to harness that wasted energy!

The P4 Easy Bake Oven consists of the following hardware:
**CPU Heatsink attachment
**Thermal pipe (as used in notebook coolers)
**5 1/4 Bay Oven with fan (for convection cooking/cooling), sealed internally to prevent spills inside the system
**Slide out tray

Stuck in the office, can't escape for lunch? Heat up a Hot Pocket right at your desk!

Service call interrupt your meal? Keep it warm while you work (tech support only)

Staying up late to IM friends on another continent? Heat you up a midnight snack.

Of course, includes the token brownie mix and tray, as well as a lightbulb that doubles as HDD activity light.

Mr Burns, Jul 12 2002

(??) EasyBake Ovens http://www.yesterda...ows/toys/ty1018.php
Explains the history/ specifications of the EasyB's transition to the 100 Watt powerhouse it is today. [polartomato, Jul 12 2002]

Poaching fish in the dishwasher http://www.surrealg...recipes/salmon.html
[rmutt, Jul 24 2002]

Car Manifold Cookery http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/KOFY
(Note beauxeault's link) [rmutt, Jul 24 2002]

Overclockers http://www.overclockers.com
Overclocking can be dangerous. Cosnult these guys first. [NickTheGreat, Aug 21 2002]


       Is that the smell of a rant cooking?
polartomato, Jul 12 2002

       What could I be ranting about? All processors generate heat. I'm just using it for something.
Mr Burns, Jul 12 2002

       Yeah, I know those things could melt butter, but really? They don't generate the heat needed to warm a cup of coffee, let alone cook some Kentucky Fried Turkey.
polartomato, Jul 12 2002

       Most certainly they give off more heat than the 40 watt bulb included in the actual Easy Bake oven..
Mr Burns, Jul 12 2002

       Well OK, I took off my fishbone... I suppose it's not that bad an idea... For the standalone version, you could probably achieve the same thing with some of the old Pentium < 100 mhz.
polartomato, Jul 12 2002

       We'll take a dozen on sale-or-return. Low profile croissant ...
8th of 7, Jul 12 2002

       this is honistly a good idea. they make barbie themed computers why not easy bake oven
vivaelryan, Jul 25 2002

       Old apple computer parts can be used as organ transplants
gniterobot, Aug 21 2002

       On what planet?
Mr Burns, Aug 21 2002

       Have an easy-baked croissant. Overclock for better cooking
*Overclocking is dangerous. see link
NickTheGreat, Aug 21 2002

       why don't you place a thermastate in your easy bake oven, I used to have on, and then look in bios when your computer starts up, my athlon 900 runs at about 100 or so
Half-Life, Sep 03 2002

       Half-Life, why not post an idea, 'Thermastate', involving a new national meritocracy of heat-conservators, the greenest (least red) citizens getting the most phoney baloney, etc...   

       [Sound idea, thcgenius. have a +1 attack croissant.]
General Washington, Sep 03 2002


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