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People Powered Mill

Construct a large power generating tower that utilizes the energy of people trying to push it over.
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This is like a windmill, but much more conspicuous. It stands many meters high, and has many reflective surfaces that shine concentrated beams of sunlight in every direction. As wind moves across its surface a dull hum is transmitted for a significant distance from many acoustic resonators.

Throughout the days and nights mobs of people attack the structure, kicking and shoving it. They rock it back and forth, screaming obscenities and reassure eachother they nearly have it.

Below the ground a maintenance worker in a hardhat looks up at the reciprocating parts of the generator, and records a figure from one of the many meters. He laughs to himself as he hears something crash violently above, and notices a small spike in current.

rcarty, Jun 16 2012

THE HUMMING! IT... IT NEVER ENDS!!! http://michiganradio.org/term/windsor-hum
It does what it says on the box. [Alterother, Jun 16 2012]


       They've got of these in Northern Michigan, only nobody can find the damn thing.
Alterother, Jun 16 2012


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