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...for colour blind drivers.
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A simple retrofit to existing street lights would be to install filters over them which very slightly change their shape.
I suggest green become an upward pointing arrow shape, yellow slightly resembling a turtle, and red as an actual octagon instead of all being round.

Traffic lights different shapes https://www.reddit....d_island_in_canada/
[a1, Nov 16 2023]

Traffic light shapes https://ux.stackexc...ight-no-more-shapes
[a1, Nov 16 2023]

Uni-signal – Traffic Lights for Color-Blind People https://www.autoevo...d-people-21556.html
From 2010 [a1, Nov 17 2023]

Tram signals https://www.legisla...dule/14/part/3/made
For [marklar] [pocmloc, Nov 17 2023]


       Green is often an arrow for filter purposes. Could easily be extended.   

       I understood the vertical positioning was the main cue
pocmloc, Nov 16 2023

       Trams use a simple white line. I don't know what all the angles mean and I refuse to get my tram license just so I can annotate authoritatively. But, you could ask a 6-year old and they'd probably guess most of them.
marklar, Nov 16 2023

       Not new. Except maybe for the turtle.
a1, Nov 16 2023

       I would have thought that all forms of terrestrial traffic signalling would be new to a turtle. They do, of course, have their own method of findication between themselves, which allows them to communicate 3-dimensionally, as they must do. Unfortunately, the complex subtleties of this finformation do not translate to our realm, despite the best efforts of Tesla engineers, so far at least
marklar, Nov 16 2023

       I almost went as far as saying even the turtle wasn't new. But I've only seen them used on cutesy traffic SIGNS telling people to slow down (or to indicate a turtle crossing ahead) - not as traffic light shape.   

       But traffic lights in different shapes, to assist color-blind folks? Very old idea.
a1, Nov 16 2023

       Not to me.   

       "Use search engines to check whether or not what you're about to invent already exists."
a1, Nov 17 2023

       I did. Both here and out there.   

       Show me where existing street lights can be modified without infrastructure changes.   

       The idea is to retrofit existing lights so as to not bilk taxpayers for an overhaul.   

       [marklar] its much simpler than I had guessed - basically go ahead, turn left, turn tight, stop.   

       Don't be put off getting your tram license just by my google skills though. You know you secretly want to.
pocmloc, Nov 17 2023

       // Show me where existing street lights can be modified without infrastructure changes. //   

       Ah, that could be new. I'll look around later to see if I can find something.   

       One concern I'd have is that "very slightly" changing the shape may not be noticeable enough, while a larger change may block too much light. If you're serious about it, look up accepted light outputs for traffic signals and decide how much you can block off. Then draw some outlines that stay within that limit and see if the shapes are noticeably differently from some distance away.   

       OR ... just go for it. When nobody is looking, get some duct tape and a ladder and modify the traffic signal in your town. If Mr. Plod catches you, tell him it's an art project.
a1, Nov 17 2023

       //street lights// sp. traffic lights.   

       Street lights are a different thing.   

       Carry on
pocmloc, Nov 17 2023

       Pareidolians Unite! They are trying to take our meaningless perceptions of imaginary visions and permanently crystallize them into actual, fully-baked products! This business with the traffic lights is the first in a calculated plan to objectify and make functional our sacred subjective bullshit! What will become of the unicorns in the clouds! What about Jesus on the toast? And the Holy Mother on the glass walls of the bank? Rise and defend our right to see shit where there is nothing! The future of our political system depends on it!
minoradjustments, Nov 17 2023

       This idea is useless because it will not help blind drivers. Suggest a beeping noise or rotating cone like is used for pedestrian crossings.
pocmloc, Nov 17 2023

       Of course the natural consequence will be people wondering why turtles were chosen to mean "go faster before the light changes."
RayfordSteele, Nov 17 2023

       [pomloc], I am confident enough in my trambulatory abilities that I could talk my way into such an esteemed position. If I have learned anything from politics, it is that. But while I can go ahead like a professional, turn left like a natural, and my ability to stop has rarely been questioned, televised politics and the school of life have been unable to adequately instruct me in the art of turning tight. It is this most difficult of skills, while piloting a railed vehicle, that requires the full doctrine of the mandatory half-day of tram school with lunch buffet.   

       [RayfordSteele] Everyone knows that Turtle Wax makes your car go faster, so the association is simple.
marklar, Nov 17 2023

       More challenging variation; synaesthetolights: These must detect the particular synaesthetic mappings of each approaching driver, and generate a sound or smell equivalent to red, amber or green. Interesting clashes ensue.
pertinax, Nov 18 2023

       [marklar] The secret is to go very very slowly, and listen carefully to the squealing noise of the flanges on the rails.
pocmloc, Nov 18 2023


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