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Service fixes small defects while you are on holidays
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Instead of renting out your house through AirBnb or the likes during your holidays, you choose for Perfectionsm.com.

With ordinary guests you find it even more used than before upon return. You are even supposed to leave it top-notch for your guests! But you are going on holidays?

Instead of catering to those consumers with money to spend, you instead have skilled handymen and women staying in your house.

They clean and fix your house really well, especially those tiny details you, or those who usually clean your house, get to do.

The paint spots on the side of light switches, the loose seams on the pillows of your couch about to break, the fluff in the reservoir of the washing machine, the missing rod of a curtain, the protective felt under the legs of chairs, improving the wifi, replacing the mic of the intercom, etc. The list can become endless. All those things you do not even put on a todo-list because you forget about them before you get to it. But you notice them daily.

Without leaving any instructions, your guests know themselves what to do. They have the tools, the skills, the knowhow. It's their pleasure. Especially because they can stay for free in another city and discover the local hardware stores (the most interesting tourism for them).

Anyhow, this is how I would stay for free in nice appartments in Paris as a student.

rrr, Aug 08 2017


       I'm not 100% convinced by this business model...
hippo, Aug 08 2017

       // they can stay for free in another city and discover the local hardware stores (the most interesting tourism for them). //   

       A remarkable insight, and one worthy of encouragement.
8th of 7, Aug 08 2017

       Journeymen would sign up for this.
Well, this journeyman would anyway. (+)

       *sp. 'perfectionism'   

       ...or maybe the second 'eye' was put out for a reason?
Sgt Teacup, Aug 08 2017

       Maybe that could be the logo: a small dude (or dudette) in overalls carrying the other "i" across the top of the word, to the place it belongs...?
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 08 2017

       Better yet, have a bunch of constructioners rent your vacant lot and, when they leave, you've a house.
FlyingToaster, Aug 09 2017

       I love this. But you should add a 'so' after the 'get to do.'
RayfordSteele, Aug 09 2017

       ... or a "for" immediately before.
pertinax, Aug 10 2017

       //you instead have skilled handymen and women staying in your house// - hang on, is this "(handymen) and (women)" or "handy (men and women)"?
hippo, Aug 10 2017

       ... or, as the Welsh might render it, "Ski lledhan dymenan dw omen". At least, not in this weather.
pertinax, Aug 11 2017

       Nice sentiment but throw it open to karma and just have a team of, random home, anti-buglars.
wjt, Aug 12 2017

       handypersons. But of course that's demeaning to those who have no hands.
RayfordSteele, Aug 12 2017


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