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Perforated LCD case

Let it breathe. It's not like it's waterproof anyway
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This is for those LCD projectors that you plug into laptops so you can display fancy stuff on walls.

They say to leave it on for 90 seconds with the fan on & bulb off so it can cool down. I've pretty much never seen anyone with patience to do that.

The cases are insulated foam, with no air flow. Of course the bulbs will overheat in there.

Make the cases have perforations/mesh areas where it can breathe. The projector itself could rest in a bungee mesh instead of foam. A little airflow in the case would be enough to save the bulbs.

sophocles, Jun 23 2006


       i've never actually heard this about those projectors. the problem is that those bulbs can cost as much as 400 bucks per shot. it's freakin ridiculus, but i bet that companies would be more willing to rectify this problem if they couldn't make so much off of the bulbs.
tcarson, Jun 23 2006

       They are made out of the foam so you don't burn yourself with them.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 23 2006

       The bulb is inside, [Galbinus_Caeli], so there's no burning your hands here at all. Not sure what hazard you speak of.
sophocles, Jun 29 2006


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