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Perforated Wrapping Paper

Scissors be damned!
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I hate cutting wrapping paper. Not sure why, I just do. This wrapping paper will have perforations in 8" X 8" squares, so that I can tear out the right amount of paper for a gift. It will also have lick em glue around the perforations so I don't need tape either.
leinypoo13, Jan 26 2009

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       This is, actually, a good idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 26 2009

       Okay, but the glue is going to stick to the present (and to the wrapping paper on the roll) in the slightest humidity. Also, it will be all but impossible to actually tear off anything but a full cross section of paper.
phoenix, Jan 26 2009

       Maybe all gifts should be a uniform size as well.
simonj, Jan 27 2009

       But I love cutting wrapping paper - if you get the angle between the scissor blades just right you don't need to move the handles at all and it just goes scrrcccccccccccch. Besides all gifts, especially small ones should be wrapped up as big as possible - ideally including a few bricks in the wrapping, and as strange a shape as possible.
MadnessInMyMethod, Jan 27 2009

       [rcarty] I recycle wrapping paper if I take if off the present neatly.
Also, wrapping paper already comes in single sheets, but the lick-em glue is a good idea. If I had a half-croissant, but I don't so here's a whole one. +
xandram, Jan 27 2009

       I think this is a great idea. And the glue part really rocks. It wouldn't stick to the gift if you don't want it to. Just be careful I think.
blissmiss, Jan 27 2009

       I favor reusable paper or cloth bags. Not very expensive, and we have some that have been exchanged back and forth within the family for at least 10 years. Tied up with reusable ribbon, there's still the fun of unwrapping without the waste.
csea, Jan 27 2009


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