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Performance Review

Approval ratings with teeth.
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I think that most of us are at least a little dissatisfied with politicians and their behavior, regardless of our party affiliation. Religious and social conservatives are tired of being deceived by Republicans. The needy and their advocates are tired of being deceived by Democrats.

The present invention offers no remedy to any social or economic problem whatsoever, nor does it provide a means to ensure that politicians are both honest and realistic when campaigning for office, but rather constitutes a very simple method by which politicians who fail in this respect will be severely impoverished.

As stated above, the procedure is extremely simple. It requires only that a single box be added to the current ballot. It reads: "Should the former occupant of this office be paid for his or her service?"

If "Yes" wins, everything proceeds as usual. If "No" wins, the official in question is not paid for his or her term. It's that simple.

sqykly, Jun 25 2008


       (-) This will make politicians focus their entire term on providing an exciting bonanza for their voters just before they leave office. Also, think about the maths: If party A is in offce and parties A and B are reasonably evenly matched in support (50% each) then when the election comes around, none of B's voters will vote for the incumbent (party A) politician to get paid. Then if say, 10% ofthe incumbent's supporters are disgruntled with the their performance you'll always get less than 50% support for the incumbent getting paid.
hippo, Jun 25 2008


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