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Peril Sensitive Airbag

Airbag attached to forehead, activates when peril sensed
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OK, you're a cheapskate who participates in all manner of hazardous activities (mountainbiking, snow boarding, driving a car made before airbags...) and you want some protection. How about a one-size fits all activities forehead mounted airbag? With advances in modern electronics utilising weird quantum dot kinda stuff, it can't be long before electronics can dimly perceive the future. Thus, a sensor which can sense when something nasty is going to happen is also affixed to your head. So, when you're busy taking your favourite physical risk, you can be sure that in the event of something nasty about to happen, the airbag goes off, preventing a sad contact between face & scenery....Many thanks to the memory of Douglas Adams & his peril sensitive sunglasses....
bunglestiff, Sep 02 2004

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       sorry bungle, they are ignoring all sensible ideas at present.   

       go away and come back <checks watch> </cw -December?>
po, Sep 02 2004

       it was probably this kind of hello/introduction led to my hb addiction, so sorry!
po, Sep 02 2004

Aude Sapere, Sep 02 2004

       [po] could have used this when she was banging her head against the wall, muttering something about propelling pencils...
Machiavelli, Sep 02 2004

       Mach - its *po*, that large P makes my head hurt!   

       and I don't fecking mutter!...
po, Sep 02 2004

       slaps own forehead.
RayfordSteele, Sep 02 2004

       I changed it, [po], just for you!
Machiavelli, Sep 02 2004

       "Weird quantum dot kinda stuff"? You'll have to be a tad more specific than that for my croissant, sorry.
lebobtheavenger, Mar 27 2005


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