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Periodic table darts

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Played like darts, but with the periodic table instead.

Heavier the element. the smaller the size on the board, to make it a bit more darts-like. This might be necessary as Ununoctumium gets you 118 with just one dart.

not_morrison_rm, Feb 17 2015

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       The possibilities for gaming are endless! Throw for molecules (1 dart in Carbon, 3 darts in Hydrogen = bonus point for methane!). Throw for fission (1 dart in Uranium, 1 dart in Krypton, 1 dart in Barium = bonus point for fission reaction!). Throw for reactivity (1 dart in Fluorine = bonus point for most reactive!). Throw for density (1 dart in Osmium = bonus point for densest element!).
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 17 2015

       //1 dart in Carbon, 3 darts in Hydrogen = bonus point for methane!// Seriously?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 17 2015

       Everyone knows darts players can't add up …   

       What if you hit one of the trans-Uranics, and get a burst of gamma rays and neutrons, and an extra Barium and Krypton showing up on the board ?   

       Rules like "Start on a Dative Covalent compound" or "Finish with a Double bond" would be fun, but more than 5 darts would be needed …   

       [+] for pure Geekness.
8th of 7, Feb 17 2015

       One of the things [8th] said.
Voice, Feb 17 2015

       //Everyone knows darts players can't add up//   

       Surely the scoring would be elementary?
AusCan531, Feb 17 2015

       Disclaimer: I'm not a darts player. "Throw pointy things at wall" is about as much as I know.
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 17 2015

       That much is already obvious. Go and sit by the Black Monolith for a bit longer, and come back when you're up to speed on flint- knapping, basic fire-making, and unglazed earthenware pottery.
8th of 7, Feb 18 2015

       The targets for the noble gases should be made out of something that the darts will just bounce off, to denote their inertness.
hippo, Feb 18 2015

       That error took me an embarassingly long time to notice.
Methane has 4 hydrogens... I'll be in the corner with the dunce cap on.
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 18 2015

       Good lord, 8 {+} this is obviously my one good idea of this decade.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 18 2015

       if i went to a bar near MIT and didn't see this on the wall i would be disappointed. +
vfrackis, Feb 18 2015

       / unglazed earthenware pottery / A place to keep the darts
popbottle, Feb 19 2015

       Each dart should represent an incomplete molecule, with the unused bond being the long sharp front end. Points are awarded based on how explosive the resultant compound is.
pocmloc, Feb 19 2015

       It would be nice if the dart was an element. Darting a dart builds molecules.
wjt, Feb 19 2015

       Darts should be designated by the thrower as protons, neutrons or electrons. Thus, should they succeed in getting three successive electron darts into Neodymium, the scorer would shout "Ion hundred and eighty !" …
8th of 7, Feb 19 2015

       I thought I darted this yesterday! +
xandram, Feb 19 2015

       Oh. So not about large darts made from wooden tables, that periodically are thrown at you.
normzone, Feb 19 2015


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