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Thing's are lookin up
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Following the success of Omnioculars, FryCo is pleased to present Periscopulars.

As a not overly tall male I have often wished to see above the heads of those standing or seated in front of me for one reason or another, and although I have not yet needed to look over a wall without worry of being shot in the head, I have wondered what might help in such a situation.

Double flat-lensed aviator shades with semi-mirrored surfaces facing each other are attached to a glasses main-frame via push-rods and pantagraphs in such a way as to extend the inner lens upwards and pivot the outer lens downwards so that sliding the sleeves forward on the arms of the glasses creates a periscope for the wearer.

Sketch. http://s68.photobuc...t=periscopulars.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 24 2012]

Just because I already knew about these: http://inlinethumb5...8006S600x600Q85.jpg
Trench Binoculars [baconbrain, Jul 24 2012]

Heads-down display. http://www.telegrap...isplay.html?image=5
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 25 2012]

Wearable periscope binoculars http://www.lonesent...ntry-equipment.html
fig. 284 (second from top of page) shows WWII era Japanese periscope binoculars worn on a chest/shoulder harness, leaving the hands free for futilely prolonging a war that your nation was foolish to start in the first place. [Alterother, Jul 25 2012]


       Not to be pendantic - well, actually, yes I realize I am in fact being pedantic but I just don't want to sound like I am - based on the excellent sketch, shouldn't these more accurately be named Periscoptacles?   

       They more closely resemble eyeglasses, or spectacles in that they are designed to be worn as opposed to being held up to the eyes in one's hands like the aforementioned Omnioculars or your garden variety binoculars.   

       Bun, BTW. [+]   

       (Edit - Oops! I just realized you were referring specifically to FryCo's Ominoculars and not Harry Potter's. Sorry for my out-of-focus thinking!)
Canuck, Jul 24 2012

       Nice view. +
blissmiss, Jul 24 2012

       This is, like, an actual idea! Love it. [+]
theleopard, Jul 24 2012

       Google will definitely replace this with a flying camera hat, or a robotic dragonfly detachable from the glasses, wirelessly connected to their Google Glass.
Inyuki, Jul 24 2012

theleopard, Jul 24 2012

       too cool +
xandram, Jul 24 2012

       How exactly do these differ from (possibly) wearable trench binoculars? From the title alone I expected to have the sad duty of labelling this WKTE. Then I noticed [baconbrain]'s link, but also that he didn't call 'baked'. Now I'm wondering...
Alterother, Jul 24 2012

       //As a not overly tall male// I read that as "As a not overtly tall male", and wondered how you disguised the fact.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 24 2012

       There's a lot of concerts we don't attend because I have a short wife and the best seating is not always available - bake a comfortable set of these and I'll buy one.
normzone, Jul 24 2012

       //Periscoptacles// is a much better name [Canuck] but it's all about branding nowadays.   

       //How exactly do these differ from (possibly) wearable trench binoculars?//   

       -This could be worn in public without drawing attention.
-It could be built as an after-market attachment to fit any glasses.
-We might be able to get a product placement spot in Mission Impossible 5.

       //not overtly tall male", and wondered how you disguised the fact.//   

       : ]
I do crawl a lot...

       //bake a comfortable set of these and I'll buy one.//   

       Next time we see a 3D movie as a family I'm keeping the glasses to tinker with for a prototype.
Not guarantee as to comfort.

       I maintain my position that this is simply an improvement on a fully-baked concept/device.
Alterother, Jul 25 2012

       You may maintain your position - are you able to lay your hands on an example?   

       From the help file:   

       " baked - a snarky way of saying "widely known to exist". "   

       I too am examining the options for prototyping this.
normzone, Jul 25 2012

       Am I able to lay my actual flesh-and-blood hands on a physichal example of a cross between a periscope and binoculars (commonly known as trench binoculars for at least the last century) at this very moment? No, because I do not own a pair. Am I able to link to a visual depiction of such a device that suggests so strongly as to virtually indistinguishable from proof that it already exists and has for some time? Yes, but I don't need to, because [baconbrain] beat me to it.   

       Furthermore, am I able to back up my suspicion that a hands-free wearable version of the trench binocular already exists? Probably, but I will do so only if forced at bunpoint. <edit: there, I found some- <link>>   

       And finally:   

       //       " baked - a snarky way of saying "widely known to exist". //   

       I have already used the more polite and socially appropriate term WKTE in this thread, and, unless I missed the memo, 'baked' is a snarky but _widely used and perfectly acceptable_ way of saying 'widely known to exist'.   

       Thank you for giving me the opportunity to vent my snarkiness upon somebody whom I know will forgive and return in kind, hopefully when I least expect it.
Alterother, Jul 25 2012

       I found two examples of proir art when I searched to see if these existed. One was the trench-noculars and the other one [link] lets you read while laying down without craning your neck.   

       The periscope glasses that let you see straight down are cool but totally useless for piano recital crowd applications unless you are the one playing the instrument, and until David Caruso can don/doff Trench-noculars for dramatic effect whilst inspecting a corpse then... I deem these sufficiently different to warrant their own posting.   

       ...and their own looking-around corners attachment.
Sold separately of course.

       Surely the merit to the idea is in its adjustableificationness, and it's automatically tilting lenses? Therein lies your innovation, n'est pas?
theleopard, Jul 25 2012

       "Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!"
normzone, Jul 26 2012


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