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Person Range Finder

We need three new categories: binoculars, tool measurement and range finding.
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Whilst my long trip with my two sisters and mother through the montana rocky mountains I found it hard to imagine the seemingly 'grass' growing it's way up the sides of the moutains, being trees. Once we got closer I saw that the trees were about the size of a man, and explained my problem with size and distance.

Then I came up with this idea, of a set of binoculars with a laser range finder on them. On the inside of the lens is a small semi transparent screen. Once the binoculars have found the range of the distance, it displays what a normal sized man would look like at that distance on the screen.

The device could also have a small laser radar that would highlight objects on the screen at the selected height.

This would help immensely in search and rescue missions for helicopter pilots. Heck, the thing could just be built into the helicopter in a small dome underneath the machine! Could have a 360 panoramic view!

EvilPickels, Jun 21 2005

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