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Personal Laser Cauterizer (PLC)

Everyone hates waiting for cuts to heal, heal them yourself!
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Doctors have been using lasers to seal blood vessels for years now. It is an effective treatment for hemorrages among other things. These days it takes a good 14 days for your average cut to heal and sometimes its in a place where a bandage isnt appropriate, or stress on the cut causes it to repeatedly reopen. By using a home cauterization device it would be posible to instantly heal minor wounds (I'm not sure about punctures, doubt it). As the modern laser burns at a high temperature (near or above 100C) it would be equivelent to pouring boling water over yourself (not fun). New technology in the field of cold lasers would allow the laser to burn at standard internal body temperature of 35.7C (i think, i converted it from 96.4F) therefor making it relatively painless. Although the laser would have to be held to the skin for a longer period of time than the standard cauterizer it would be effictive to close minor wounds. The use of this product would be that it would plug into your wall socket at home and charge, (lasers need a lot of juice) than use it to laser closed your cuts and other accidents. I expect a large consumer base in the construction, carpentry, electrical, and auto repair industries as well as be bought by concerned parents and "do-it-yourselfers".
THEBUBZ, Feb 24 2008


       //21C (i think, i converted it from 96.4F)//
[marked-for-deletion] Bad arithmetic.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 24 2008

       "cold laser cauterizer" is an oxymoron.
WcW, Feb 24 2008

       sorry i divided by 1.8 before subracting 32 (did it in my head instead of writing out the formula) instead of the visa-versa like you should
THEBUBZ, Feb 24 2008

       //laser burns at a high temperature// I can't make out any clue as to what you're talking about. Are you trying to say the laser gets too hot when you set it on fire, or are you saying that a laser transfers thermal energy to its target until the target reaches a particular temperature, then stops?
lurch, Feb 24 2008

       .... I think you have a different definition than everybody else of the word "heal"
FlyingToaster, Feb 24 2008

       //New technology in the field of cold lasers would allow the laser to burn at standard internal body temperature of 35.7C// Phenomenally wrong twice over. For one thing, it's a meaningless statement (lasers deliver a certain amount of power at a certain wavelength; how hot that makes something depends on how well the light is absorbed, how well the target is cooled and other things).   

       For another, how do you imagine cautery works? It works by heat. So, if you manage to "heat yourself up" to normal body temperature, all that will happen is bugger all. This is just as well, otherwise you'd self-cauterize as you sat there.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2008

       Next thing you know, there's a New You.
phoenix, Feb 24 2008

       After reading this I realized that he seems to be talking about the sort of thing that they have on STNG and not an actual medical cauterizing setup which does not close wounds or really "heal" anything.
WcW, Feb 25 2008


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