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Personal Audio Recorder (like PVR)

Combine PVR (like Tivo), Music Keg (like Kenwood, iPod), and Satellite Radio (Sirius, XM, etc.)
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The technology for all of this already exists in various forms, all it would take would be to combine them. Set up a Satellite Radio type service that would be combined with a Tivo-like personal audio recorder that would always record the last x minutes of music onto a music-keg like hard drive (like Kenwood's music keg). When you press a button on the receiver, it will automatically add the currently playing song to your collection.

Satellite radio already charges a fee but their product isn't really complelling enough. One or more of the music recording industry giants should launch this service and thereby make money from people downloading and saving their music.

pmadd, Dec 13 2002

MSN: "A TiVo for Your Radio" http://msn.com.com/...169161.html?tag=dir
14 July 03 | " ... The company likes to promote its Radio YourWay recorder as a TiVo for radio, and it's the truth--although the unit plays MP3 and WMA files, its major selling point is its ability to digitally record AM and FM broadcasts ... " [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

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       Record from Cable TV Music Only Channels to VCR to Computer - I have quite a few friends who do this with Blues Channel.
thumbwax, Dec 13 2002

       This would become the focus of the lives of millions of coach potatoes world wide! This is genius!
talen, Dec 13 2002

       been thinking of this idea...does it have to be satellite radio? I would like to find one for Internet radio..also would be nice if integrated program guide (IPG) for radio/tv were availble over the NET as a (free) XML service
daryah, Jun 22 2003

       Interestingly, 17 USC 114(d)(2)(C) imposes the following requirements for digital audio transmissions to be covered under the usual statutory license:   

       - The digital broadcaster (except for satellite radio in operation before July 31, 1998) must prevent people from scanning a large number of transmissions to find a particular song, "to the extent feasible without imposing substantial costs or burdens".   

       - The digital broadcaster prevents the user from recording the transmission if the technology used permits that.   

       I don't think the law actually requires broadcasters to try very hard to prevent people from using this kind of device, but there will probably be lawsuits, just as there were with DVRs. Overall, this is a nifty idea, which would work well in any digital audio medium, and even conventional radio (if combined with existing technology that can recognize any tune from a raw audio snippet).
beland, Jul 06 2003


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