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radio timer

Tapes all your favourite programmes off the radio
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Being at work all day and not having a radio near means that you will miss the programmes you would like to listen to. So a timer, much like the one on a video, would be great - think of all the shipping forecasts you could tape!!
cathy, Jul 07 2000

Total Recorder http://www.highcriteria.com/
[EvoketheTiger, Jul 07 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I once called around, from consumer electronics stores to a noncommercial radio station,asking about such a device, to no avail. I regard its unavailability as a great lacuna (as opposed to a Great Kahuna) in the world of consumer electronics, and eagerly await somewone willing to rush in and fill the gap. Perhaps all that would be really necessary is a timing device allowing for a tape recorder to be plugged into it. The radio station engineer suggested a VCR might be usable for this task, but that seems like overkill. Besides, I don't have a VCR. --Nor a TV. Which could be why I can imagine having time to listen to recordings of favorite radio shows! I'm comforted to know that others have been desirous of such a device, as well.
donna, Aug 03 2001

       I think I have heard an ad for one of these on Paul Harvey or Art Bell or someone like that.   

       As far as computer web casts, there is SW called Total Recorder that you can set up with your windows scheduler to record Internet broadcasts. I am looking in to it in order to record Talk of the Nation Science Fridays while I am at work. BTW this also is supposed to have many TiVo like features including replay.
EvoketheTiger, Aug 03 2001

       I'm sure my Sony music system allows you to record from the radio using its inbuilt clock as a timer. It's only a few years old, and I would have thought their new systems would still have the feature.
Walnut, Aug 03 2001

       A friend of mine has a VCR that has a switch that allows the whole tape to be used for audio, giving CD quality recording. Side benefit to this is that the VCR timer works just as well for audio recording (which he uses it for mostly) as it does for video recording.
mwburden, Aug 03 2001


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