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Personal Law Codes

Chose what laws you will keep.
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Instead of having elected representatives decide what laws will apply for everyone, I submit the proposal that each person decides on a law code upon the age of adulthood.

It will be a bit chaotic at first, until people get used to the system, but this is what I predict will happen once everyone starts having personal law codes.

1. People are confused by the whole system, anarchy ensues, people run screaming in the streets, buildings burn, giant monsters attack.

2. People actually start thinking about what rules are good to follow and what aren't. Those interested in being good law-abiding people devise some way of letting others know what law code you follow "I follow John's law code" "I follow the law code of Hamurabi" "I follow the ten rules of Moses" "I'm wearing the badge that indicates that I Love My Neighbors(TM)."

3. Those who follow no laws, or who do not somehow publicize which law codes they follow are subject to social outcast, because nobody wants to deal with crazy people. People want to know what they are getting into when they interact with someone, and if they don't know what laws the other person will follow, they will avoid interaction with them. Therefore everyone who doesn't want to be a hermit will at least proclaim to follow some rule set.

lawpoop, Feb 02 2004


       This idea is commonly called libertarianism or anarchism, and isn't exactly original.
kropotkin, Feb 02 2004

       "Do what thou wilt an it harm no other. This is the whole of the Law." Or "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."   

       Either way, a much repeated Wibni.   

       ["an" there, btw, has the old Saxon meaning "if." Which shows either how old the expression is, or how posey the people who keep repeating it.]
DrCurry, Feb 02 2004

       How is this different than what we have now?
riromero, Feb 02 2004

       I don't remember hearing anything about professed personal law codes in either anarchism or libertarianism. In fact, libertarianism (insofar as the US libertarian party presents itself) still uses the republic -- they just think the republic should pass less laws. So, libertarians still subscribe to a universal law code.
lawpoop, Feb 02 2004

       I pretty much concur with reensure's final sentence, however I find myself strangely attracted to stage 1 of lawpoop's scheme. Can you guarantee the bit about giant monsters, lawpoop? If so, I could be persuaded to croissant the un-croissantable.
DrBob, Feb 03 2004


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