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Personalised constellations

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This is an art installation. You take off your shirt in front of an IR-camera which maps all the moles and skin blemishes on your face and body and prints out for you a personalised 'star chart' of your moles, with fake constellations drawn over them and some auto-generated mythology behind them.
hippo, Jul 13 2009

First thing I thought of... http://www.slangcit...ternal_sunshine.htm
Quote from "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" [Dub, Jul 13 2009]


       Other celestial manifestations might be included... ie the mysterious dark matter. [+]
xenzag, Jul 13 2009

       I like it! Next, the computer could do a best-fit search to find where your constellation really is...
sninctown, Jul 13 2009

       sninctow: a new paradigm in astrology!
kamathln, Jul 14 2009

dentworth, Jul 14 2009


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