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Picture-It CD PLayer

An LCD screen display of the CD that is playing
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I remember back when I had a portable CD Player that had a clear strip on the cover so that I could make sure the disk was spinning. I enjoyed watching the colors spin by. I often wondered if the CD Manufactures had created the label design for that purpose. Now, with the technology far more advanced then those days, why can we not have a little scanner in the CD Player too, so that it can scan the disk as it spins. Have a little LCD screen on the front of the player, or if it’s in a car have it display on the screen normally used for DVD/games. In my mind it would have 2, maybe 3, settings.

1) Scan the disk as it enters the player. This way you could have a stationary display of it incase the label has the song names or something on it.

2) the in motion setting so that you could see the disk as it spins.

3) Maybe? make it so that you would have intermittent scans of the disk, so it would slow it down from the 1000 rpm’s it does, make it appear to slow the spin time.

I bet the label design boys would have a feild day making new designs for the CD's

barnzenen, Jul 22 2003




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