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Personalized Currency for the Incredibly Fancy

Legal currency printed with your actual face, for a price.
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For the sake of this idea, let's imagine that incredible wealth may correlate to incredible arrogance (a stretch, I confess, but come with me if you can imagine it). Perhaps an incredibly wealthy person may be interested in purchasing customized banknotes featuring their gorgeous face. This would cost a bit, of course -- perhaps 1% of the face value of the currency ordered, with a minimum of 1 million units of said currency. This profit would, naturally, boost the economy of the printing authority.
awesomest, Oct 25 2013

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       // may correlate to// or even with.   

       Also, if the minimum order was 1 million £5 notes, this would not require "incredible wealth".   

       However, of the wealthy people I know, few are arrogant; I see more of it in people who either have slightly more money than their peers, or who have none and are very proud of the fact.   

       Howevertheless, not a bad idea. Why restrict it to faces, though? Company logos would make for a good advertising revenue.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 25 2013

       //Also, if the minimum order was 1 million £5 notes, this would not require "incredible wealth".//   

       Perhaps, but… the fiver? Rather bourgeois, no?
ytk, Oct 25 2013

       Why not make them all different?   

       I'm sure most governments have a collection of photos of the people they govern.   

       Perhaps each new fiver should bear the image of a randomly chosen citizen of the country which minted it?
Wrongfellow, Oct 26 2013


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