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Personnel for Security

for Body Scans
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I propose we use retired medical professionals at the body scan machines at the security stations in airports, and other public places. If everyone traveling knew their bodies weren't going to be ogled (Quit that snickering back there!) they'd be more willing to submit to the nasty business. Ok you can snicker now.
dentworth, Dec 30 2009

[dentworth], here's a link to the google for "millimeter-length scanner" http://www.google.c...as_nhi=&safe=images
Not x-rays, but the image quality is just about as revealing and titillating - meaning it's all in the mind of the viewer [normzone, Dec 30 2009]


       changed title. is there a better category?
dentworth, Dec 30 2009

       Seems like overkill. Instead, if the people walking through were anonymous, designated only by number, and in the case of potential threat the number was communicated to security, it might solve this problem more cheaply.   

       so instead of: "Wow, Steve Jobs has a tiny dick." Its: "Wow, 3121354 has a tiny dick."   

       If they improved the technology, perhaps people can get cancer checkups every time they fly, in which case retired medical professionals might help.
leinypoo13, Dec 30 2009

       It is currently meant to be anonymous.   

       There is no line of sight between the viewer and viewed - all this known is that the viewer might flag up (from a sealed room) a problem with the person who is currently within the scanner.   

       A through knowledge of both anatomy *and* clothing would be most useful though.
Aristotle, Dec 30 2009

       //It is currently meant to be anonymous.
Oh, problem solved.

       Perhaps those walking through would feel more comfortable if the scanners themselves were scanned and the passengers could exam the scanners genitalia in real time. Then people with freaky abnormalities could train to become scanners and entertain passengers/help those with low body image.
leinypoo13, Dec 30 2009

       [ ] why are medical personnel deemed to be less ogley-inclined ?
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2009

       medical professionals : educated in biology and anatomy also would have been used to seeing patients' body parts for years. I am assuming that makes them less predatory. Retired Professionals without any record of sexual predatory activity and Retirees who no longer wish to stand on their feet and run the halls of hospitals but are able to serve in other capacities.
dentworth, Dec 30 2009

       how about strip-club workers and patrons ?   

       (on the other hand there is a proto-idea in there somewhere about combination security and medical scans)
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2009

       I think the key is education vs. visceral experience. but I could be totally Naive.   

       even more importantly is to have had no record of sexual crimes.
dentworth, Dec 30 2009

       You're cracking me up. We sure wouldn't want anybody with a history of prurient x-ray viewing working in security.   

       I suspect if you got good enough at viewing x-rays it would be like anything else - if you are prone to thinking about sex, you'd find a way to see them as sexual. If you're not hardwired that way, you wouldn't.
normzone, Dec 30 2009

       norm these body scans aren't x-rays. they show flesh cover. go watch CNN; the news is full of this issue right now.
dentworth, Dec 30 2009

       if anyone was worried about being ogled, they could take the alternative route, where they would be hand scanned by specially trained visually impared people.
notripe, Dec 30 2009

       Yes, visually impaired people with warm hands and clean minds ...
Aristotle, Dec 30 2009

       On the bright side, airport strip-searches means you don't have to get dressed until you're ready to board the plane.   

       (very odd picture of people in their bvd's wandering around the airport... security personnel in boxers'n'gunbelts... hmm, meds don't seem to be working this morning, should send for takeout or something)
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2009

       re: Normzones' link, agreed *mind of the viewer* but what I am trying to address is the mind of the traveling public, and the ACLU's claim it is invasion of privacy.
dentworth, Dec 30 2009

       //invasion of privacy// Airplanes aren't public areas and they don't receive government funding. Some airports are though, I imagine.
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2009

       Well, as a healthy well-adjusted male, I've learned how to ogle women in burkas and parkas, so I guess there's something to it.   

       Invasion of privacy though is just so much noise. Privacy as we knew it is done for, and the new age of privacy will be technology driven (boots up personal portable RFID/video jamming device).
normzone, Dec 30 2009

       'Faraday Suit'
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2009

       I still think this is the solution, ease the public mind and stay away from Bungstons video parlor.
dentworth, Jan 07 2010

       lol, glad they don't scan people at airports here. Btw people should just harden up (pun marginally intended). Noone really wants to look at cocks all day anyway.
sneakythumbs, Jan 07 2010

       I'm going to follow the best-looking person I can into the scanner and amuse the lineup by yelling out "that'll teach you" into anything that looks like a microphone.   

       Does anyone know of an ink or paint that would show up in the scanner so I can graffiti the same on my torso?? I will also be wearing the superman logo.
sstvp, Jan 08 2010


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