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Pet-shaped pet bed

Give your pet some friends to snuggle up with
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Most pets are litter animals which enjoy the company of their own kind. Most pet owners, however, are not in a position to own more than one or two pets at a time. Enter the pet-shaped pet bed.

The pet-shaped pet bed is just that; taking either the form of a single large animal or a litter of animals surrounding the sleeping pad. Now your pet can snuggle with its kind anytime.

Lactating version coming soon! Maybe.

phoenix, Oct 28 2003

A prototype http://www.meow.com...%20cat%20pillow.jpg
[k_sra, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Quit lion around http://www.hdw-inc.com/michonlionbed.jpg
[k_sra, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       So poor Fido grows up with paranoid and with an inferiority complex because none of the other puppies ever talk to him.
squeak, Oct 28 2003

       Wait, is this a two-dimensional pad in the shape of a cat or a 3-d fuzzy cat? Or a pad with several fake animals sewn to the edges?
k_sra, Oct 28 2003

       Now it would be great if someone could make a pet bed that made hamsters get along!
flamingcrackmonkey, Oct 28 2003

       "Or a pad with several fake animals sewn to the edges?"
That's the closest to what I was imagining. A lot of pet beds have a rim or wall. I was thinking about replacing the rim with a stuffed animal (or animals).
phoenix, Oct 28 2003

       Ooh, I like this one [link].
k_sra, Oct 28 2003

       Very nice.
The Kat, Oct 28 2003


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