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Pet hair color

Color away your dogs grey, or dye your cat green
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Has anyone seen hair color treatments for pets? I thought it would be cool to be able to dye your dog back to his old shade of black, or do something radical like blue.
andrewkorbel, Apr 28 2001

Like this? http://www.petgroom...Australia/page1.htm
Stupid idea, though. Maybe you should let your cat decide what colour hair you should have. [angel, Apr 28 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       This is one where I would be willing to call in my local PETA forces.
globaltourniquet, Apr 28 2001

       This will probably just encourage you, but - Baked. (See link)
angel, Apr 30 2001

       angel, I didn't read the page under that link, but is there a *reason* that the two dogs in the upper left look like a whore from the 1980s and a pimp from the 1970s, respectively???
absterge, Apr 30 2001

       Same reason that [andrewkorbel] suggested the idea in the first place, I imagine.
angel, Apr 30 2001

       i think that my cat would look much better a nice shade of purple ;) It would be better than her nice off white color because she rubs over everything saying good morning and good night to it all.   

       I think she would like it, at least people would want to touch her. Regardless of how much I groom her she still looks like crap.   

       But, it would be better if she spends her time under a rock rather than pet by everyone. Yes, she would still be dirty under that fun color, but at least no one would notice as much.
beecee, Jul 03 2002

       None of the links work that show anything on the pet har dyeing .. Id be very interested to see how this was done and what products would be SAFE for pets .   

bluebays, Sep 07 2002

       This is half-baked in the Antipodean (can't recall if it's Aussie or from NZ) kid's tv show, The Tribe, where pets tend to have their hair as garishly punked up as the post-apocalypse kiddie heroes.   

       Boy, does that show suck. God, how I love it.
Guy Fox, Sep 07 2002

       See th ebook Why Paint Cats, not to be confused with Why Cats Paint. It's been done, and it looks amazing. And FYI, its done with harmless vegetable dyes and such.
jujubeenie, Sep 08 2003


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