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Pet's Auto Door

Give a pet quick access into or out of your car without opening your own doors.
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This is styled after those 'doggie doors' familiar to pet owners. The design is modelled after the common rubber flap hinged as it is at the top edge, that swings to and fro the aperature within an automobile's standard door.

Since problems evolve when unsecured openings tempt unwise probing by simple minded companions, a few design twists are added for security. There should be a metal cover for the exterior door surface that would be similar to the metal cover atop most fuel ports, and it carries a release that can be column mounted or otherwise placed on the dash or console. The door should be alarmed as a backup notification that the driver is ready and needs all aboard.

One benefit is the added security of releasing the pet for a potty at roadside or offroad and remaining in the vehicle. Another benefit is the ability to stay out of incliment weather while your pet goes about its business, and you worry with the umbrella, groceries, or what have you.

reensure, Jul 23 2005

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       Not a bad idea, possibly sketchy but im sure it could work out and be vary convinent in certain situations.   

       It would be nice to raise and lower the saftey metal or plastic slab as you would with power windows. (Just add a switch for it with your windows controls) Once the vehicle is in motion it could automatically close but not with to much power so it stops if it is being blocked without crushing your dog/pet. A Warning light could also be on the dash to tell you the Dog/pet Door is open. Maybe a plank could also be automatically lowered like a Draw-Bridge when the the door is moved up or down so that your dog can easily get in and out.. (This would also work as a safety feature not allowing your dog to fall out when the plank is up)   

       The outside or underside of the plank could have the same contours of your car so when the plank is up, you cant even tell there's a dog door - it would look like a normal car.
Kcsolutions123, Jul 23 2005


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