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Pre-dinged New Car Doors.

Eliminate the dread of that first door ding.
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Nothing is worse than buying a new car and then seeing, two weeks later, that someone has flung open their door creating a nice fingernail sized ding in your pristine paint job. Then, three years down the road, a sure sign that your car has been around the block is the rash of door dings along the side. Car manufacturers should, at the end of the assembly line, have a device to automatically pre-dings the doors of all the new cars. No need to experience that sinking feeling from that first ding any longer. All cars would appear equally dinged regardless of age. After that, maybe even pre-keyed paintjobs.
riromero, Nov 25 2003

"Mudder" Paintjob for Yuppie SUV's _22Mudder_22_20Pain..._20Yuppie_20SUV_27s
by bear. [calum, Dec 20 2004]


       Don't resist dings, give in! ... no more fear of driving arround the supermarket parking lot in fear of getting a ding from a stray cart ... ITS ALREADY DING'D! ..
Letsbuildafort, Nov 25 2003

       Is there an additional charge for this option?
phundug, Nov 25 2003

       My car used to be quite normal, then my goats, for no apparent reason, decided to ram the side of the car, leaving a string of dents all the way down, funnily enough, one side only. So, I got it fixed, then the next day they did the same thing. So I thought, well I'm getting these fixed until they grow old and die, which they did recently, but now I'm going to keep the dents as a reminder of my goats.
Micky Dread, Nov 25 2003

       Aerodynamic 'golf-ball pits'
RayfordSteele, Nov 26 2003

       The manufacturers could likewise
(a) Smear bird droppings all over the bonnet
(b) Coat the wheel-arches with baked-on muck
(c) Scuff the plastic bumpers in each corner
(d) Detach at least one inch of the rubber blade from the remainder of the wiper thingy
(e) Snap the rear wiper off

       After all - if people buy pre-aged jeans then why not? (+)
dobtabulous, Nov 26 2003

       [dobtabulous] cosmetic mud would be very useful for the majority of people who own 4x4s who never go near mud
rambling_sid, Dec 20 2004

       Great. Now my brand new BMW is smeared with bird poo and has large cracks in it's windshield. It really adds a sence of style, eh?
croissantz, Dec 20 2004


       soory riromero.
DesertFox, Dec 20 2004


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