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Revolutionary petrol delivered directly to your home
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Now a days almost everything can be purchased online or is supplied direct to your home. Petromexhome would install petrol/deisel lines in your drive/garage and moniter the amount of petrol you use and charge on a monthly basis like the gas and electic companies do. It would probably cost quite a lot to set up but once the customers are sorted out it wouldn't be that much to keep it going. It could be compared with the other hosehold services, gas, electric, fuel, sky? etc. No more sitting in the petrol station queing, when u could be doing other things.
gizmo, Apr 24 2004


       get a spell checker - you ruddy loser newbie :)
po, Apr 24 2004

       interesting idea, other than gas shortages of the future, can't see any bones about it.
dentworth, Apr 24 2004

       And French vanilla coffee?
FarmerJohn, Apr 24 2004

       With this great idea the petrol stations would go out of business and whoever took this onboard would be the leader in petrol at home.com, that's not to say some other company could start up selling flowers and charcoal - without selling petrol. They could be the best homefire&flowersTM direct company and go online with that idea, or just open up a store at every roundabout in the UK. I wouldn't like to decrease sales for any other company, but just add another hosehold service, gas, electric, water, ... petrol.... why not??   

       Hi Farmer John, we could add another pipe at the same time for Vanilla Coffee - no probs
gizmo, Apr 24 2004

       Hi Po, don't have a spell checker, everyone fine thanks, what's with the second account?
gizmo, Apr 24 2004

       Feverishly going through drawer of refrigirator faucet ideas: milk...no, cofee...no, Perrier...no...   

       Dammit, no gasoline+
theircompetitor, Apr 24 2004

       There you go - if you had Petromexhome.com along with milkathome.com, coffeeathome.com and mineralwaterathome.com installed in your home paid for on direct debit - job would be sorted.com- hmmm- new site called job-sorted.com (jobsorted.com too much)
gizmo, Apr 24 2004

       If your car runs on natural gas, you can essentially have this today.
half, Apr 24 2004

       You could just have a large tank up high in your garage and hire a truck to come around and fill it for you. This practice is common on farms or businesses that operate lots of vehicles far from gas stations.   

       By the way, I beleive home heating oil is the same as diesel oil, so you could concievably tap your furnace fuel lines to fill up your truck, probably at a cheaper rate too.
discontinuuity, Sep 14 2005

       I also was wondering if home heating oil is the same as diesel. If it is, I do not understand why houses using oil heat don't emit smoke like an 18-wheeler.
bungston, Sep 15 2005

       Or, at least like an older 18 wheeler. Don't see much smoke coming from the newer big trucks.   

       I think that furnaces may be more efficient than truck engines.
bristolz, Sep 15 2005

       Under hard acceleration, too much fuel is being dumped into the engine, so there is a lot of inefficient and incomplete combustion resulting in smoke and soot. Oil furnaces operate under much more ideal conditions with a constant fuel/air ratio.
discontinuuity, Sep 15 2005


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