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A Proxy server plugin to filter for "Phish" domainS
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A little background: Phishing (not the bad) is the very illegal art of pretending you are someone you are not, (say "ebay.com" with the e from another UNICODE character set).. Phishers send out spam to people in the hopes of getting them to "re-enter" their account information, creditcard numbers, etc.

A "Phish-free" proxy server would check outgoing web connections for links related to known "phish" sites/emails, and block them. Pretty simple idea, really, but ISPs like AOL would probably catch a LOT of this sort of thing.

This could be a publically available list.

bigattichouse, Jan 05 2004


       How many unicode character sets does DNS use?
phoenix, Jan 05 2004

       How about a public-health-style advert like the anti-smoking ones to tell people how to deal with spam etc? I'm surprised that one hasn't been done so far, now that governments are making anti-spam legislation. Though they probably don't want to draw attention to the problem because they can't do anything about it without international co-operation.
chud, Jan 05 2004


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