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Phone Mast Art

New space for public monumental art
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Often heard on UK radio ar voices bemoaning the passing of that great British icon, the red telephone box, whose demise has been wrought by the spread of the mobile phone. (and not a moment too soon, in my opinion, since these caspules have of late become nothing more than notice boards for whores and resevoirs for urine)

These same voices, in other contexts, bewail the spread of stark mobile phone tranceiver masts in unspoilt rural areas.

A simple strategy will silence these bothersome chatterers on both counts. Let the erectors of the masts deploy a portion of their prodigious profits in the employment of artists, who will transform the minimalist girderwork into splendid totemic monunuments to the modern age. The much loved `Angel Of The North' springs to mind.

Planning authorities, take note.

Mickey the Fish, Feb 05 2001

Cell Tower Disguises http://envirocell.bizland.com/
This company makes cell phone towers (or masts) disguised as "pine" or palm trees. [beauxeault, Feb 05 2001]


       Partly baked (see link), but only if you consider mutant-sized, ugly-as-sin trees to be art.
beauxeault, Feb 05 2001

       Gad. That is ugly and out of place...Palm trees might work better, but they're ugly and out of place themselves. I always thought that a palm tree looked like a poor-quality featherduster...and I'm in Florida.
StarChaser, Feb 05 2001

       Halfbaked. There's a disgusting metal structure on the Seattle waterfront that I'm told is meant to disguise a tranceiver mast. I heard about another mast that had to be designed to look like a cross, per an agreement with the church that owns the property.
centauri, Feb 05 2001


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